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Three Ways to Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling in London

When you are traveling, keeping your luggage safe is top priority. In the airport we never leave our bags alone. If we are traveling on trains we keep our luggage right next to us. Our luggage tends to carry important items and therefore we do whatever it takes to keep our valuables close. One way we keep our luggage safe is by taking it with us wherever we go. It may be a pain, but at least you know where it is, right? Or other times we like to keep our luggage at the hotel. It makes sense to keep it in your room if you can go without it for the day. Or if you don’t have a hotel room, you can always use luggage storage in London. There are locations all around the city where you can drop off your luggage for the day and keep it safe. However you keep your luggage safe is totally up to you. But, there might be ways that are better than others.

Keep Your Luggage With You

Keeping your luggage with you is the old school way of keeping it safe. You go by the rule “trust no one” and haul it with you everywhere. Although keeping it in sight might seem more safe, you now have the burden of dragging your bags around with you everywhere you go. You are taking your luggage with you into restaurants and putting your rolling suitcase right next to the table. If you are going to go see Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, your photo of you in front of these places includes your trusty sidekick, your luggage. Taking a cab or transportation is stressful, especially if the bus or metro is full. It’s a burden to take your luggage with you everywhere around London. By the end of the day, you are exhausted from carrying an extra 50 pounds around with you. Although you have eyes on your luggage the entire time, the consequences may not be worth it. 

Keep Your Luggage at the Hotel

If you realize that taking your luggage with you everywhere you go is just not practical for you, then you might try to keep it at the hotel or AirBnB you are staying at. This works perfectly if you actually have a place to stay. If you just have a long layover in London, this really isn’t an option for you. Or if you arrive in London in the morning but you don’t check in until the afternoon, you are left to sit around with your luggage and miss out on a half day of seeing the city. Some hotels will store your luggage for you, but not all hotels or AirBnbs do this. Therefore, you are stuck babysitting your bags until your room is ready. If you plan your visit around the time you can check into your hotel and store your bags, then you have no problem with luggage storage in London. However, you are letting your luggage dictate your vacation time. Do you really want your bags to tell you when you can and can’t arrive in London?

Use Luggage Storage in London

There is a third option for keeping your luggage safe in London. With this option, it doesn’t matter if you have a hotel room or not. You also don’t have to take your bags with you on your sightseeing tour. Luggage storage in London is the easiest and most convenient way to store your luggage in the city. 

Companies, like Bounce, partner with local businesses to offer luggage storage in London. There are almost 200 different locations that you can store your bags in so you can go around the city without dragging your bags along with you. And, it’s just a small fee. You can use luggage storage in London for just £5 per bag for a 24 hour period. Also, there is no size limit on your suitcase. You can store your biggest and heaviest suitcase you own for the price of a nice cup of coffee.

Are My Bags Safe Using Luggage Storage in London?

Before you start to worry about safety, you can have a peace of mind knowing that since these bags are kept with local businesses, they are monitored by a well-trained staff. Upon the arrival of dropping off your bags, you are given security seals to place on your bags for added protection. Also, included with your reservation is $10,000 of insurance so your items are covered and safe. Hotels don’t even offer this kind of coverage. Using luggage storage in London is one of the best ways to keep your bag safe while you enjoy the city.

Time to Enjoy London

Now that you have chosen the best way to keep your luggage safe, you can enjoy all of what London has to offer. You might be taking your bags with you everywhere you go, storing your luggage in the hotel you are staying at, or using one of the many convenient luggage storage locations throughout the city. Regardless, you can find which way is best for you for keeping your luggage safe while traveling in London.

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