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Tips and Techniques for College Students Must Know About Essay Writing

Essay writing is an important part of the curriculum in colleges and universities. It also includes writing research papers and thesis and writing answers to essay questions for exams and tests. The students always find essay writing a daunting task and therefore struggle to write essays.

College essay writing is quite different from what students have learned in high school. If you are struggling to write an essay for your assignment you can get additional paper help from writing services available online.

This article shares some useful and simple tips that will help these students who are intimidated with the task of essay writing. These tips will help you in organising your thoughts and ideas for your essays or research papers.

Brainstorm the topics of your interest

For college students, when they are given a task to write an essay, they usually have to pick a topic of their interest. Brainstorming is an important activity that helps the students to generate ideas about the topic that can help students to set the parameters of their essay assignment.

The simplest way to brainstorm about something is to make a list of interesting topics that you have in your mind.

Conduct research about the topic

Once you choose the topic for your essay assignment, find useful information and facts about it. If you are unable to find useful information or research material about the topic, then try to switch to another topic or just modify the chosen topic.

Be Specific

Before you start writing your essay or the paper, be specific about what your thesis statement is going to be. Thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the main idea of your essay or research paper and sets the tone for your essay. You can later improvise or change as you find more valuable information about the topic.

Create an essay outline

This is the most important step and a technique in essay writing. Simply divide your essay in three parts, i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion. During your research, make sure that you gather information and facts for each of these sections.

Introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. It includes the thesis statement of your essay. The introduction also includes the summary of the arguments that you will be making in the rest of your essay without elaborating the main points.

Body of the essay holds the main arguments and the supporting evidence to support the main idea of your essay or your paper.

Last;y, the conclusion of your essay summarizes the whole discussion and argument you presented in the body of your essay. In the conclusion, you will also express your thoughts about the main idea you have discussed throughout your essay.

Create an intriguing hook

The introduction of your essay must be captivating for the readers, and this is done by hooking the readers through an interesting quote, or an awe-inspiring anecdote, or with amazing facts. The key sentence of the first sentence sets the tone of your essay, therefore it must be intriguing and stimulating enough to catch the reader’s attention.

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