Tips to Attract More Instagram Likes

Last year, Instagram made the controversial decision to allow creators to decide whether or not they wanted to display and view public like counts. Even those who breathed a sigh of relief at not having to worry about this aspect of Instagram use need to know something, though. While the platform’s appearance changed, the underlying algorithm didn’t.

Instagram Likes and the Almighty Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm was designed with one thing in mind, and that’s to show users more of the content that they’ve expressed an interest in seeing. It should thus come as no surprise that like counts still play a large role in determining what gets boosted to the top of users’ feeds and what falls by the wayside. 

Business owners and other content creators who rely on Instagram for advertising can get ahead by purchasing likes. They can check out pricing online. However, most see this strategy as a stepping-stone to attracting more organic likes. Following the tips below can also help.

Share What Works

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there about how to get more likes on Instagram, many of which are replete with helpful hints and tips. However, the most obvious aspect of getting more likes on Instagram is one that goes unrecognized surprisingly often, and it’s to do some research to see what works, then follow the trends. 

Users who have been on the platform for a while can check old posts to see which of them got the most likes, then base future posting decisions on that. Those who are new to the platform won’t have the advantage of a posting history to analyze, but they can check out competitors’ accounts to see what seems to work well for them, then follow suit.

Ask Directly

Here’s a second obvious tip that’s remarkably effective but too often overlooked: ask directly for likes. There are a few ways to do this. Content creators can, and should, include effective calls to action in their captions requesting that people like the post and follow the account. They can also add simple overlays to images such as “please like this post.”

Instagram users who have established followings on other social media sites shouldn’t hesitate to cross-post images to other social media platforms. Around seven in ten Americans use social media and most of those that do tend to have profiles on multiple sites. Take advantage of that fact by asking directly for help getting Instagram likes on other platforms.

Give Some Incentive

If just asking current followers isn’t working, try offering some incentive not just to like a post but also to attract some friends who might also be interested. The best way to do this is to set up a like-to-win contest. These contests usually have simple, straightforward rules. A content creator, typically a business owner, sets up the contest and offers a reward, often stated in the caption of a photo. The wording is usually simple. Something like “like this picture and tag a friend to be entered to win,” is usually sufficient.

The reward doesn’t have to be anything exorbitantly expensive. People love free stuff, even if it’s not particularly valuable. It’s normal human psychology. Business owners can and should take advantage of that fact. If they want the contest to do double duty when it comes to marketing, business owners can even offer cheap branded merchandise as prizes.

Like Other Posts

Like-to-win contests aren’t the only way that business owners can take advantage of human psychology to get more likes, because people don’t just love free stuff. They also love to feel popular and appreciated. Liking other users’ posts is a great way to get positive attention in return, and it takes next to no effort.

This strategy will work even if the posts are unrelated to the business. However, it will be most effective if a user likes posts that are related to their niches. That way, any likes and follows they get in return are more likely to be coming from people who might actually become customers someday.

Don’t Give Up

It takes some time to generate real hype on Instagram or any other social media platform. Don’t give up too early. Try implementing the tips above, and fill in the gaps with purchased likes for best results.

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