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Top 3 Ways to Create a Handwritten Signature Online

Technological advancement has transformed many aspects of our personal and business lives — including how people append their signatures to documents. In the past when you had to print a document to physically sign it with a pen and then scan it and send it to the parties who need it; now people can sign documents digitally, making the entire process easier, and less time-consuming.

However, as much as digital signatures are more secure and faster, they lack that personal touch that people enjoy when they put their signatures on paper. Luckily, there are several services or applications that could help you to create a handwritten signature in just a few seconds. And you can use the signature to sign documents online.

This article looks at the top 3 ways to create a handwritten signature online:

Signature Maker

If you are looking to create a handwritten signature to sign your online documents with, then consider Signature Maker. It is a user-friendly tool and also very fast. You can use it to make your handwritten signature through any web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others. You don’t have to download or install any app, or even sign up as is the case with some other services.

Besides creating a handwritten signature for your online document signing, Signature Maker can come in handy in making an email signature irrespective of your email provider — Gmail, Outlook, etc. This kind of personalized email signature can include your contact information and even a photo.

Signature Maker is a free tool and supports multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.


signNow is another tool that can help you to create a handwritten signature to use on your online documents. With this tool, you can create digital signatures within a few minutes and avoid the many hassles of printing, signing hardcopies and scanning them. You avoid wasting time and money if you have no scanner or printer in your organization.

Another of the significant benefits of signNow as a tool for creating handwritten signatures is that it allows you to make a signature that you can be confident in that it has a professional look, and can be legally binding because it is so close to your original signature.

Although most services for creating signatures do not produce legally binding signatures, signNow is a full-featured solution that does. It adheres to relevant eSignature laws and different government-specific standards and eCommerce requirements. It has advanced security features, integrates with other apps and CRMs, and is cost-saving and user-friendly.


PandaDoc is another application that you can use to create a handwritten signature to append to your online documents. No matter the size of your company, you and your team can use this tool at no cost to create signatures quickly, in under two minutes.

A great feature of the PandaDoc signature creation tool is that it is a long-term solution for users who want more than an image of their signature for one-off use. It also produces legally binding eSignatures that are also secure. This makes the tool suitable for freelancers, small business owners, landlords and their tenants among many others.


You can add a personal touch to your online documents by including your signature on them. However, you must bear in mind that if you have to make the signature legally binding, you need to use full-featured solutions like SignNow, otherwise you may expose yourself to risk if you rely on signature images created with some signature creation services.


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