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Top Platforms to Get Images for Business Websites

We search for images daily on the internet. Most of us have a practice of searching for a particular image, opening it in full size and then saving it. This is not the correct set of practices. It is always recommended to search for the actual image source before you advance to the download option. By using the actual image source, due credit is given to the image owner. Professional image owners put in a lot of hard work to come up with high standard captivating images. Hence, when the images they have created get misused, it proves to be a major damaging factor for them. Image plagiarism is not a recommended practice and accessing the original image source is the best way to avoid it.

There are various tools present to access the original image source but you cannot count on all of them. However, if you talk about dependable tools to determine the actual image source, some of the finest options are listed below.


This is a credible tool used to determining the source of an image. The interface of this tool is quite simple and due to this factor, this image search tool has a large number of users. There is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge to use this tool. It has a very simple set of features so no detailed understanding is needed. There are no reliability issues with this tool. Once the search has been generated, you would know about all the online appearances of the image. In other words, if you want to find the original source of an image and give proper credit to the creator, this is one of the finest options you can get your hands on.

There are two options through which you can upload the photo for determining the original source. One of them is uploading the photo directly by browsing for it. There is an upload button. When you click it, you would be able to determine the original source. There is a second option as well. You can paste the URL of the image for which the actual source has to be determined. When the URL has been pasted, all the instances of the image would be shown to you. These would include the original image source as well.

This tool is preferred by users due to various core reasons. One of them is that there are no charges applied for usage. The tool is 100% free and users do not have to make any payments irrespective of how many times they use it. This simply means that you can determine the actual source of as many images as you want without paying for anything. A lot of tools present online do claim to be free but users have to go through numerous conditions. This is a major problem for people who use these tools. However, this tool is completely free and users do not have to go through any conditions.

Google Images Search

If you talk about the search engines having the biggest collection of images, Google ranks at the very top. You can find all kinds of images if you use Google. The image search process is very simple and any user can use it. Other than that, Google also offers the feature to determine the actual image source. It is important to determine the actual image source if you want to get the best resolution. When an image is being downloaded from the actual source, all chances of image plagiarism are eliminated in a complete manner.

The process of determining the actual source of image using Google is simple. Users who are using an Android based phone should have Chrome browser installed. To start with, open Google images using the browser and search for your required snapshots. Consider that you are looking for wooden table pictures. When you type the name of the image in the search box, all the images falling in that category would be shown to you. Select the image which you want to download and open it in full view. Once its full view has been opened, keep the image clicked until the option “search for Google” is displayed. This would display all appearances of your desired image.

Bing Image Search

There is no doubt that Bing is one of the best image search options. You can find images on all domains and categories.

Bing is a free tool so users can search for images without any charges. Image plagiarism is a big issue these days. People work very hard to create the best images but when they are uploaded, people use them and upload them on other websites. This wastes all the hard work that has been put in by the image creator. With Bing, you can determine the original source of the image and prevent the chances of image plagiarism.


It is important to find the original image source so that you can avoid image plagiarism. It is not an easy job to create a quality original image. Image creators put in a lot of dedication and creativity to create the best snapshots. To avoid image plagiarism, you need to make sure that the actual source is being used to download the image. To determine the actual image source, you can use various tools. For instance, you can use Prepost image search tool and determine the original source.

Another major benefit of downloading an image from the actual source is high quality resolution. At times, when you are searching for an image, you may get what you are looking for but the quality may not be up to the mark. This happens when the image is not being extracted from the original source. By using a quality tool with the “search by image” option, you can determine the original source. This would obviously help you in attaining your desired image with high standard resolution.

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