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Humankind has come so far in every aspect. Not only are we more socially developed than we have ever been in the past, but we live in a diverse world where the average individual has the freedom to choose their life course. Within this course, they can select what education path they want to pursue and the career they would like to make for themselves. Things are different than they were a century ago. There are so many options at one’s disposal that one of the hardest aspects of choosing a career path is narrowing things down.

If you are an empath who aspires help people, now is the time to explore your options. In this article, we will address some of the best careers you can opt for if you aim to help people. Your intentions are what make society what it is. Let’s make sure you find some of the best career options for yourself. Here are some careers that we think might be right for you.

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Psychology is an up-and-coming field worldwide since there is increased awareness about mental health issues. With a degree in psychology, you can either enter the profession of therapy or social work. Most people have trouble choosing between becoming a social worker vs therapist; however, it depends on what you want to do.

Social workers function in a public setting and see more people than the average therapist. On the other hand, a therapist works closely with individuals who struggle with mental health issues. Both career paths serve society more than we give them credit for. So, if you want to make a social change using your degree, consider opting for a career as a social worker, and if you plan on helping people through their individual issues, go for a role in therapy.


Nursing is beyond a doubt one of the most important professions in society. However, they often lose credit to doctors who act as the face of the industry. Doctors play a pivotal role in care and treatment; however, nurses work around the clock to aid patients and ensure they are taken care of long after the doctors complete their rounds.

Nursing is amongst the most demanding jobs in the medical sector, but also an extremely rewarding one. Not only do you have to meet the demands of the job physically, but the emotional strain of dealing with angry patients can take its toll on the best of them. However, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your patients recover.

Nursing school is similar to med school, takes just about as long, but is a little more manageable. Therefore, consider becoming a nurse if you don’t want to opt for a doctorate yet still want to help people.


Teaching like nursing is fundamental to society. If our children weren’t educated, many of them would have bleak future prospects. Unfortunately, we often don’t give teachers credit they are due (this seems to be a recurring theme), but their importance to society is imperative.

Not only do they educate our children academically, but they instill positive values that help them even when they grow into adulthood. Besides that, teachers help children find a direction in life and move towards their desired career paths.

As much as students need to pat themselves on the back for their achievements, it’s also important to note that a teacher was standing behind them, encouraging them to achieve the best for themselves.


Lawyers don’t have the best reputation in society; however, there is no denying that they can play a role in helping people if they choose to. Tragically, we have seen more bad lawyers than we would prefer, but perhaps you can bring about change and alter the notion that surrounds these professionals.

You can be there for people who have been wrongly convicted or others who simply want justice served. You might be shell shocked to learn how many people opt out of fighting for their rights merely because they didn’t have a caring lawyer on their side.

Moreover, if you really want to help people and give them legal representation, consider taking on pro-bono cases. There are tons of people out there who need legal help but don’t have the money to pay a lawyer’s fees.


Finally, we come to the career that brings issues into the public eye. There are many issues and unfair instances in society that we need to shed light on. If people are unaware of what’s happening around them, they will live under a false pretense that everything is okay. Thus, there will be no effort to bring about positive change.

Journalists conduct a fair bit of research to find stories and bring them to the public eye. This is one of the best ways to give victims the feeling that their opinions are being heard and that the general public, government stakeholders, and enforcement are taking notice of their issues.

The media has a very powerful role in modern times. Not only do they bring issues to light, but they ensure that government departments aren’t complacent and are doing their jobs.


These, in our opinion, are some careers that might be right for you if you want to help people. It’s very noble that you want to live your life for others; however, few students find the right direction to utilize their talents. We have talked about several career options, including Psychology, Law, and Journalism. These are just some of the options we think you should consider; there are tons more out there that might pique your interest.

Conduct your own research and then make your decision. Remember to go with your heart instead of blindly following what other people want you to become. It would be a shame if someone with such pure intentions was peer pressured into something they didn’t want to do.

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