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Ways to Find an Ideal Highlighter

From applying several beauty products to reducing the booze, you must have done every possible way to get the flawless face. Well, what if you realise, getting a flawless and desired face is not as tough as it sounds? Yes,  you can now look flawless and incredibly stunning pretty easily and to help you out here, face highlighter comes into play. Face highlighters give you a subtle and elegant glow while enhancing your features. 

Face Highlighters can be applied before makeup, mixed with your foundation, or over your completed makeup. The cheek highlighter should be applied on the high points of the face, so that it catches the light and lets you glow. Nowadays, with the advancement in the fashion industry, highlighters come in various formulas: liquid, satin powder, cream or loose glitter and other various types. However, it is important to consider the right consistency or colour to suit your skin.

Look for your skin’s undertone; select a shade that complements your skin colour the best. For the light skin tone, the shade of gold highlighters is mostly preferred. For red-based, cool undertones, it is recommended to use silver or cooler colours like a light champagne colour. For dark skin tones with warm undertones, try a bronze or a golden champagne colour. For an all-over glow, mix a liquid highlighter with your foundation to complete the look.

Pigments and shimmer make the most difference from looking like a disco ball and a star. For a dewy look, opt for the subtle satin-finish sheen to add a touch of glow that makes you look like you’re glowing from the inside out. However, a sheen formula of Huda beauty products usually adds a microscopic glow to your skin in a powder or cream-to-powder finish when it comes to face highlighter. Gleam with liquid highlighters that offer a more flexible application.

The idea behind highlighters and strobing is the illusion of youthful, healthy skin. Especially for dull, dry skin, a highlighter can give the appearance of sweat without grossness. It’s glamorous and fresh for all skin types. With the precise application, create dimension and structure to your facial features.

Highlighter draws the light to an area of the face, and it does this whether you simultaneously employ contour powder or not. Today’s highlighters have shimmer, sometimes glitter, and come in many formulas and bases/undertones.

Types of Face Highlighter:

Liquid Highlighters

Liquid highlighters are the most versatile that can meet the expectations and requirements of various types of skin. They suit the best for normal to dry skin and helps you accomplish a natural, glowing finish on the cheek instantly. A drop of liquid highlighter can polish and define cheekbones or add an all-over shimmer! It makes skin glow and radiant with a light, lotion base formula. It suits the best to the one who prefers light makeup or just wants to polish the foundation.

Powder Highlighters

Power highlighting is one of the oldest methods of polishing and highlighting cheekbone. However, it is still highly preferred. These white and light-coloured powders add light to the face well. You can use it without a shimmer and get a metallic glow. Nowadays, Highlight Powders come in various shades considering the golden peachy highlight, bronze, simple solid coloured and more that work well on most skin tones. 

However, it is important to select the shade wisely; for those with lighter skin tones, it is highly recommended to consider the range of light pink, like translucent; on the other hand, for the one with a bit dusky skin undertone, consider bronze and related shades. While selecting the shade, ensure you pick the colour that matches well with your skin tone rather than leaving an obvious stripe of vivacities.

Stick Highlighter

Stick highlighters are one the most preferred highlighter today, and the major reason behind their popularity is their versatile nature. Stick highlighters are extremely user-friendly and handy. By polishing the face areas like under the brow bone, the Cupid’s bow, and the inner eye corner, you can ensure perfect light without even staining a brush. Also, it requires minimum blending. 

Pot Highlighter

For those who want to avoid heavy makeup and polish on the face, potted highlighters are the best. It offers you the easiest way to press light into your skin without a base colour. Also, it is one of the most dynamic types of highlighter that is enough subtle translucent, which works on every skin tone.Choosing which highlighters are best for you is a personal preference, but it is important to consider the type and select the highlighting well. Today face highlighters come in various styles to meet multiple skin requirements. You can select from the range of pink, peach, gold, or silver, highlighter applying tools, and the gorgeous and elegant look to embrace the sparkle!

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