What are Insurance Grade Locks & What are Their Different Lock Types?

Whether you own a home or are simply renting one, you’ll know how important it is to have home insurance. It’s the one thing that protects you from the danger of an unexpected event, whether it’s a break-in or a natural disaster. Having home insurance is a pretty integral part of life these days, but there are a bunch of little things that can get in the way of you getting that insurance, one of the smallest, yet most crucial things, is locks. 

If you have regular, “gets the job done” type of weak locks, chances are, your home won’t pass the insurance inspection. There’s a reason for that. The weaker your home security is, the more your home is vulnerable to a break-in. Since this means that there’s added risk for the insurance company, they’ll either not want to work with you, or your premium will be so high, that you will turn it down yourself. Both of the options leave you without home insurance, which is a no-go with the way the world works today. However, this isn’t an inescapable problem, all you need are good quality, appropriately fitted insurance-grade locks. These locks are pre-approved, which makes the insurance process that much faster! 

What makes insurance-grade locks different from regular locks?

Insurance grade locks aren’t military level, clunky locks. Most of the time, they barely look any different than regular locks we’ve always seen! The thing that sets them apart is that they’re much stronger, even if they don’t look like it at first glance. They’ve been through several rounds of testing to ensure that they’re going to be strong in case of an attack, and for most home insurance companies, these are the standard locks you need to have in your home if you want to get it insured. 

Where can I get insurance-grade locks? Do they require special installation?

Insurance-grade locks are easily available all over the web. You can find them on almost all of the major online marketplaces. However, if you’re not 100% sure about which lock might fit your needs, you might want to take things offline. Locksmith Queens, and almost all of the locksmiths worldwide, carry insurance grade locks too. They can guide you through the selection process and even though installing insurance grade locks isn’t any different than installing a regular one, they can also help you there by installing them for you!  

What are the different types of insurance-grade locks?

  • The five-lever mortice deadlock: Although these look like regular locks from the outside, they’re quite different. It has 5 levers that hold the lock in place. A cavity is cut into the wall that holds the lock in place. The deadbolt of the lock stays in the doorframe, so even if significant force is applied to the lock, it stays in place.
  • Key operated multi-point locking system: These are almost the same as mortice locks, but instead of five levers, it has three. They’re operated through the key only. When the key is turned, the levers all turn at the same time, locking the door.
  • Night latches: Night latches are one of the most common locks in the world. They’re usually used as secondary locks, they allow for the door to open, but not entirely. So the person inside can still partially open it and be safe.
  • Key-operated window locks: These work similarly to the way multi-point locking systems do, but the number of levers they have may vary from brand to brand. They also only lock when the key is inserted in the lock and turned, and unlocking works the same way. 

A mix of all of these locks being used all around the house can make it a lot easier for you to secure home insurance at a premium you actually like!

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