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What are the most popular NFTs in 2022

Viral images, digital art or music, tickets, avatars, texts, as well as many other types of assets are also sold as NFTs. 


So far you have had to hear something about NFTs because it is an unavoidable topic in everyday life. Because at the moment there is a demand to own NFTs so that they can sell them or put them up for auction.


How is it possible that one digital work of art earns 69 million dollars, why is it so unique? It is unique in the blockchain technology behind this NFT ecosystem. 


The rarity makes NFT more valuable, i.e. the rule of supply and demand. 


We will try to easily and briefly explain to you what an NFT is, which NFT projects will be the new hottest trends in the NFT world, and what benefits and privileges each of them offer. 


Explanation of NFT meaning 


NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which is a digital asset that is unique, irreplaceable, and easily verifiable. 


NFTs can represent anything from pictures, audio and video, maps, clothing, avatars, games, and many other types of assets. NFT can be anything you can think of, a digital eye.


The entire operating system is based on blockchain technology, which provides privacy, anonymity, and security.


Some NFT projects may include physical and digital assets, which could play a role in investment decisions. These can be membership cards, and special access to digital or real events.


How to find projects worthy of attention


NFTs are popular and thousands of new and upcoming NFT projects are launched weekly if not daily. Several factors may play a role in your decision to invest in new NFT projects such as the following. 


  • The community behind the new NFT projects can be on various social networks including Twitter, Instagram, etc.


  • Plans showing and describing roadmaps for new NFT projects


  • Founders can include famous and well-known artists as well as tech gurus


  • availability on popular platforms like a digital eye.


  • The amount you want to spend


Most popular NFTs in 2022


  • Solana Monkey Business


Solana Monkey Business Gen 1 and Gen 2 is one of the best-selling and most famous NFT projects on the Solana blockchain and consists of the main collection of 5,000 NFT profile pictures. 


Monkeys that have special and recognizable characteristics and traits, with recognizable 24×24 pixelation. They have over 99 traits and six generative layers, and there are very rare examples.


You can buy them at Solana NFT marketplaces such as DigitalEyes and Magic Eden. Solana Monkey Business made profits of over $ 160 million in 7 months.


  • SolSand


SolSand brings the NFT gaming metaverse with the promise of building a new paradigm by offering users the opportunity to create the worlds of their dreams in the upcoming Solanavers.


Owners of SolSand NFT receive certain plots of land in Solanaverse, which are released with $ VERSE, in-game tokens, and currency. 


SolSand will be an expanded VR metaverse, with NFTs acting as keys to unlocking it, making it one of Solana’s best NFT projects.


  • Stoner Ape Club


As one of the best NFT tokens chasing dragons, the Stoner Ape club is a collection of unique monkeys. Behind the creation of this project are four of the best NFT collectors.


Stoner Ape Club is based on hundreds of unusual features and characteristics of various monkeys. Each monkey was created to create a unique neighborhood.


Now you know which projects are the best you can decide which ones to invest in.


It’s time for you to get in the game. Good luck!

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