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What Is Domain Authority and How to Check?

A Domain Authority is a metric that checks strength of a domain and ranking or visibility of a website on search engines. It measures from zero to hundred. Where zero represents the weakest and hundred represents the strongest Domain Authority of a website. Hence, Domain Authority or DA is a statistical measure that measures the reputation of a website that is offered by SEOMOZ or currently known as Moz who created the statistical measure to rate a website from 0 to 100 or how well a website performs on a Google search engine.

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority


Domain Authority should not be mixed with Page Authority PA. As Domain Authority or DA tells about the ranking of a complete website or Domain and it’s visibility on a Google search engine. Whereas page authority or PA tells about the ranking of a page on Google search engine. There are several Page Authority Checker and free Domain Authority Checker tools available online for the users. If you are here on this page, then you must know the importance of a Domain Authority for a website owner. Hence, the accuracy, reliability and time efficiency of a Domain or Page Authority Checker really matters. And we are glad that you have come to the right place. Our Bulk Domain Authority Checker tool is equipped with all these features and will offer a free of errors accurate ranking for your domain.

Determinants of Domain Authority

Domain Authority of a domain depends upon several aspects, most important ones are age, popularity, and size of a domain. Age does not mean how old is the registration of a domain, but it shows the life of a domain on search engine. Reputation is mainly gained by adding most relevant and interesting information on the website. Also, it is important to use social media to make your website known by maximum number of people. Hence, by taking some actions it is easily achievable to make a website attain a higher Domain Authority rate or a better rank on a search engine. The best feature about our free Domain Authority Checker, that makes it more popular among the users is it’s user-friendly features. Everyone can check Domain Authority of the website just by entering the complete URL in the text box. After entering the domain name, you have to wait for a little while. After that the bulk domain authority checker will display the result of your search. Not to forget, ranking of every website alters every month depending upon its feature. Hence, you must come back and keep checking your website’s Domain Authority using our Domain Authority Checker tool. It is also possible to search Domain Authority of multiple websites altogether. By doing so, one can compare the domain authority of different websites.

It is a complex process to measure domain authority for a website. But our DA checker will certainly provide the most useful information about your domain authority with accuracy and reliability. Our free domain authority checker or DA checker will consider all the desired facts and figures about your website and come up with the most precise and accurate information about your domain and page authority. Moreover, you can calculate both DA and PA for multiple URLs all at the same time.

Improving DA Score

In order to maintain a higher Domain Authority score, few things should be considered. A significant way is by increasing the number of links pointing to a website. These can be created by auto backlinks maker tool that is also available online. However, quality of the backlinks should be taken into consideration. Poor quality backlinks may lead to a lower-level Domain Authority, no matter how many backlinks are provided their authenticity matter. Moreover, it matters for a higher PA score that the domain name should stay live on the search engines.

In addition to that, quality of the material matters. For instance, appropriate language, correct spelling, error-free grammar and accuracy and uniqueness of the information provided on a website, all these add to the domain authority score of a website. It is also important that your website should load faster as better loading speed of a website leads to a higher domain authority score of a website. It also matters that your website should load freely and be accessible on a laptop, desktop, tablet and android phone. Easy accessibility will lead to a better Domain Authority score for your website. Two other important features are social signals and Moz Trust that are also considered when assigning a Domain Authority score to a website. Social signals indicate how many times a website URL has been shared on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter etc. It too improves the Domain Authority for a website whereas Moz Trust is calculated by Moz considering various aspects measurement done by the Moz.

Maintaining a High DA Score

An important question is how is this possible to uphold a Domain Authority or a Page Authority? Well, the answer is quite simple. Did you check your DA score last month? If let say it was 70 last month, it does not mean that it will remain same in the following month. With a passage of time, a Web page or a website may achieve a different domain authority or page authority. Hence, to uphold a DA score, you have to update the content present at your Web page or Website. Hence, by updating the content or your website, sharing the link to your domain on a social networking site and getting backlinks from various sources will help a website in maintaining its DA score.

By adopting these practices, one can easily increase a domain or page authority. In fact, every effort made by you to enhance a page authority leads to the stability of a domain authority. Hence, continue to work on your Web page and website and keep checking the page and domain authority through our free domain authority checker to get the most accurate information about your website and that too free of cost.

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