What Makes Spotify a Good Music Platform for Musicians?

Leonard Bernstein once said that music could name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. This may or may not be true, but it is a fact that in today’s world, you can access music anywhere, primarily through popular music streaming platforms like Spotify. Spotify has grown incredibly popular since its creation, with about 381 million users as of 2022, but why should musicians upload their hard work of art to the platform? Well, I can give you a few reasons.

It Helps Them Reach a Wider Audience

The first hurdle to aspiring new musicians is building a following. The initial climb to find fans probably claims more careers than we will ever know. Spotify provides a big helping hand by helping new musicians reach a wider audience; listeners can discover new musicians through their discover tab or the similar artists’ function.

You can also create your own playlist with your music and share it with the Spotify community to increase your Spotify plays.

They Can Earn Money from Their Music

Although there is a fair amount of debate over if Spotify pays the musicians on its platform enough money, you can make money from people listening to your music. Various websites claim that Spotify pays musicians between $0.0032 and $0.0054. Of course, this won’t be a lot for Musicians without many Spotify based fans, but it’s yet another positive of them uploading their music to Spotify.

It legitimises Musicians

Part of growing a music career is inevitably branding and making an image for yourself. In addition to getting musicians noticed, owning a Spotify account helps them legitimise themselves to their peers and producers. By having a presence on Spotify, new musicians take steps toward legitimacy. In addition, their artist page functions as a portfolio, and it shows that they are serious about what they are doing.

It Will Decrease Piracy of Their Music

A musician’s presence on Spotify provides their listeners with an easily accessible source to listen to their work. Users can even use Spotify’s free version to access it if they don’t want to make a purchase, which won’t affect how much Spotify pays you. A study by the Norwegian research group Ipsos MMI found that between 2008 and 2012, music piracy in the country was down by more than 80%. They attribute a large part of this success to the launch of Spotify.

How Do I Upload my Music to Spotify?

Setting up a Spotify account is easy enough; it’s just like making an account on a social media platform and won’t take you five minutes. Where it gets complicated is when you start uploading music to Spotify. There is no “upload” button on Spotify, musicians have to upload their music through a digital service provider (DSP), so they have to reach out to one and coordinate with them. This may be a little frustrating, but often one DSP can upload their music to multiple streaming platforms, and they will get all the benefits described above.

So there you have it! Five reasons why Spotify is a good platform for musicians to upload their work! I hope you found this article informative and enjoyed reading it.

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