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What types of businesses should consider using Instagram and why?

Social media channels can effectively be used to run your business in a better manner. From increasing sales to market the products and services better, there is a lot that social media can do. Instagram is one of those channels that can be used for such purposes. 

However, there are certain types of businesses that can thrive better on Instagram. This may be because they can be marketed better on this channel. Following is a list of the types of business that should consider using Instagram for commercial reasons:


  • Travel


Travel industry is one of the most booming industries right now. It will cross trillion dollar market value in no time. Travelers of the modern age are not just fond of travelling but also interested in sharing their experiences. Most of the travelers now share their images as well on Instagram. This creates an amazing opportunity for the businesses to make the most out of this social media channel. However, to do so, one should also focus on purchasing Instagram likes. Getting Famoid’s likes will help them to increase their digital presence and generate more leads. 


  • Beauty 


It is now proven that social media has a major impact on the beauty industry. Statistics show that most of the people now make decisions to purchase beauty products after going through influencers and business reviews on Instagram. In fact, a lot of them purchase these products from Instagram based pages only. You can even go through beauty hacks that can easily be found on this social media channel. 


  • Fashion


It is not only the beauty and cosmetic industry but fashion industry as well which is heavily influenced by Instagram. The most popular celebrities, fashion enthusiasts and editors publish content on this channel. The industry gets a lot of sales through Instagram, the blog deals with Instagram growth service Jonathon Spire mentions. Thus, if you want to start your own fashion chain, then Instagram is one of the right places where you can begin. There are a lot of potential customers. 


  • Fitness


This generation is much more concerned about their fitness than the previous generations. Fitness industry receives massive revenue and the trend will only multiply with the passage of time. If you want to sell fitness related products, then Instagram could be a very effective platform. This is because the target audience is there. It can even help in driving more traffic to the website. Thus, fitness is a good business niche to begin on this social media channel. 


  • Parenting


This is one of those opportunistic businesses that a lot of people mistakenly think that would not survive on Instagram. However, this is not true. Parents are now able to share pictures of their kids on this channel. This provides brands a very lucrative opportunity to connect with the parents. It can be used to connect emotionally with these parents. Once good relationships are created, brands can sell their products to them. It can generate sales massively.  

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