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Where can I find a dual diagnosis treatment center near me?

Experts in the mental health field as well as those in behavioral science are now beginning to recognize the overlap between substance abuse and mental health challenges.

The chicken-or-the-egg scenario is less important than the discovery that addiction and substance abuse can feed mental health problems, and vice versa.

With this newfound knowledge that comorbidity can exist between mental health disorders and addiction/substance abuse, treatment protocols are changing.

In lieu of separate treatment facilities for substance abuse and mental health disorders, providers and addiction specialists are working collaboratively.

Those with comorbid dual diagnoses must find solid dual diagnosis treatment centers. If you’re wondering, how can I find dual diagnosis treatment centers near me? Read on to find out.

Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me

To begin your search for treatment centers, start by Googling ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ to bring up local options. From there, scan the reviews for considerations.

For the organizations with the most positive reviews, check out their websites and consider everything they offer. Review the staff directory to see the professionals representing the program and the larger company.

Narrow Your Search

A good rule of thumb is to look for companies staffed primarily with psychiatrists, psychologists, and addiction coaches. You also want at least two doctors on board, so any detox protocols are accounted for.

Since your search terms were ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me,’ you should strive to find teams aware of the overlap between substance abuse and mental health conditions.

Stay clear of programs that cater to one diagnosis over the other. A stable balance is necessary for treating a person struggling with a dual diagnosis. You cannot treat one issue without treating the other.

Find Financial Accommodations

After you’ve narrowed down your search results from the query, ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me,’ start calling the programs to check the financial accommodations that are available.

Ditch any programs that do not offer financial assistance. Organizations who truly understand the severity of dual conditions and the amount of care needed for treatment will have payment assistance.

Once you’ve created a list of your top three choices, take your initial search terms of ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ and go a step farther.

Search For Evidence-Backed Modalities

Look for evidence-based treatment modalities when you search, ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ to verify that the approaches are for dual diagnosis cases and not just for mental health or substance abuse alone.

You might also consider researching the treatment modalities that are most successful in dual diagnosis cases to determine if the programs you are viewing are using the most effective treatment plans.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are likely to be mentioned as modalities used within these programs. If these are not included, inquire more about treatment.

Help Is A Phone Call Away

Get in touch with a dual diagnosis team and get the needed help to address comorbid conditions. With the right support, recovery is possible.

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