Why Are Lab Testing Results Important While Buying Cannabis Online?

In the last decade, Cannabis has made drastic revolutions in its sales, as its trends seem never-ending. It has been taking great strides towards becoming the most “trendy” recreational compound, with its medicinal and therapeutic properties. These products have become mainstream jargon as people are learning about their wellness, yet it is spreading worldwide at a faster pace.

So, if you’re willing to invest in premium and lab-tested products, the finest labs might be your “go-to” vendor. So now, without further due, let’s quickly pen down information about the following.

Cannabis; A Massive Juggernaut

After Cannabis surpassed its legality issues, the industry started striding new steps to profitable business with splurged sales. As a result, estimates suggest that the global Cannabis market was nearly between $15.78 to $20.98 billion in 2020. While estimates also report that there might be a drastic jump in marijuana sales, as we expect a boom splurge of $28.154 billion to $190 billion in around 2028.

It became famous for its handy ways to consume. Its user knows it by numerous names, but one of the most heard ones is Dope and Mary Jane. So now, let’s learn about its origin.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a compound belonging to the complex yet powerful Sativa Plant. It also includes a few more different types of plants. But the Sativa and Indica are the most prevalently-known plants. There are more types of Cannabis plants, but some of them are hybrid.  It has many constituents, like CBD and THC, but THC is known for its psychoactive properties, unlike CBD.

Why Are Lab Tests Crucial To Check When Buying Cannabis?

Cannabis has various medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational benefits, making it a versatile compound. But do you know a lack of information and lab tests on it might end you up in a frenzy? So, here are some points on why one should invest in lab-tested products.

Consumer Safety

As the industry grew in the marketplace, various renowned and sketchy companies showed up with numerous claims and policies. The difference between them lies in their transparency to user safety. It goes through a vast process from a seedling to a fully-grown Cannabis Sativa or Indica plant before making its place in our shelves or drawers a “ready to use” product. But, poor sowing and extraction methods can bring in various contamination issues, as they can absorb toxins and other heavy metals.

These plants act as a sponge during their farming, as they soak-in everything with which they’re in contact. Nonetheless, even if that’s unwanted toxins or pesticides. So, to ensure the user’s safety, brands run various contamination tests to ward off every harmful substance from the plant before approving it for a “ready to use” product.

Quality Assurance

Quality is everything when a particular product is a part of your lifestyle. Moreover, when it’s a part of your consumption, poor-quality Cannabis can cause various health-related concerns. Quality assurance is something every company should practice, as it is also likely to build goodwill in the marketplace. But, brands are hiding their ingredients or lab tests, as they might be camouflaging some behind a technicality. We suggest you avoid scrappy brands, as they’re a red flag for all users.

So, to ensure that you’re investing in premium quality and the most reliable product, you can check for lab-tests approvals, third-party concessions, and recognitions. We suggest investing in brands offering lab tests yet promising quality assurance.

Cannabis Potency

Potency is another essential aspect when it comes to buying Cannabis. Every plant varies in potencies. For example, the Indica might give mellowing and sedative effects, while Indica might offer milder yet energizing influences. So, understanding the potency of your product becomes crucial.

Testing Cannabis can be the only way to check out the cannabinoid structure and toxin profile of the following product. These facets might be your lifesaver if you’re a naive user, as they might influence the experience. As we know, it is highly influenced by its surroundings, as it can soak everything around it, including terpenes or toxins.

These can dominantly change your experience. So, one’s poor cultivating habits can cause adverse effects on others. So, it is crucial to ensure your Cannabis potency while investing in a trustworthy company.

Terpene Profile

As we saw, Cannabis plants act like a sponge, which can soak anything coming into their contact. But do you know what cannabinoids and toxins are not only the “unnecessary guests” lab tests find out?

Terpenes and glucosides are the scented compounds naturally occurring in the plant. These terpenes give it the kick to a distinctive smell profile and taste. In simple words, terpenes give Cannabis its earthy or sweet flavor, depending on the aroma of the terpenes. But, research suggests that more than changing taste and smell, they also add up to an entourage effect, in which it performs differently when in contact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. So, remember to keep a close look at entourage effects while buying its products.

Testing For Heavy Metals And Pesticides

Testing is not only confined to finding out the percentage of contaminants in the Cannabis but also to discovering the level of unwanted compounds roaming into the plant. For example, the presence of herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals can show that the growing conditions for the plant were poor or have been treated chemically on contaminated land. So, ensure checking lab tests, before deciding to consume cannabis.

Chemical Contaminants

During the farming of Cannabis, like every other plant, it undergoes various cultivation conditions that can negatively affect its potency.

It is similar to a sponge, as it can soak lots of pesticides and harmful chemicals, like artificial growth hormones or fertilizers. These substances can be adverse to human consumption, so ensure that your product is contaminant free.


Cannabis testing labs strive to maintain customer safety and product quality by performing or running numerous tests on a single batch, unlike CBD gummies for sleep, discovering the harmful presence of residual herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, or microbes. So, if you’re a beginner, consider these technicalities, as these might help you save money while maintaining your overall well-being.

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