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Your Essential Home Gym Checklist

There has been a growth in the number ofpeople who have decided to work out and exercise from the comfort of their homes. With that trend in mind,here is a detailed checklist of what you should include if this is something that you, too, would like to benefit from.

ü Consider the top benefits of your home gym

You need to consider what the possible benefits of a home gym are for you. Also,think through the entire process before you simply go out and buy the latest equipment and fill an inappropriate space. There is nothing that beats the convenience of a home gym and the fact that you will be able to institute a bespoke and personalised exercise and strength training program from the comfort of your home. It is no wonder that the home gym market continues to grow in leaps and bounds.Furthermore, you can spend money on the gym as and when you have it, starting small and as basic as you need, as long as you are getting the requisite exercise in.

ü An exercise or gym plan

You may feel that a gym plan is only needed once you have the space kitted out and ready. It is best to design your physical gym around an exercise plan orprogramme that you have researched and, if needs be, discussed with your health/medical professional. The plan should be written with an accompanying budget, where you note how much you have to spend on your home gym initiative.

ü The space

You need at least enough space to be able to do press-ups or planks without hindrance or bumping into furniture and tools. The garage or basement have been popular choices for home gyms,although others have also used modified garden sheds and spare bedrooms. As long as it has sufficient ventilation and light as well as some form of rubberised flooring to be able to keep it clean and dust free. Then ensure that you have permission to use the space.

ü The weights

No matter what type of exercise you intend to do, you will most likely need some form of free weights. Strength training with the use of weights is one of the most widely accepted means of losing calories and gaining muscle; they are the backbone of any home gym. The range of Mirafit Dumbbells provides a splendid example of what you will be able to use and the various shapes, weights and materials used. The dumbbell is the ideal type of weight to start with and can be used for most core exercises as well as the major muscle groups such as the chest, arms and shoulders. It can also be added to as your strength improves.

ü Accessories

A pull-up bar that can be attached to any doorframe and a free-standing punchbag that requires no wall attachments have become favoured cardio and strength training tools and should be included in any good home gym. Others may look to add specific cardio machines, such as spin bikes or rowers, but all must be able to be folded away to avoid the space becoming cluttered and untidy.

ü Mirrors and music

Every home gym needs a motivational soundtrack and mirrors to check your technique and form while exercising.

These are the basics that every home gym owner should tick off as they go to ensure that they put together the best exercise space that they can in their home gym.

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