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4 Tips for Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is such a big ordeal, there’s so much to do and planning for it can feel completely overwhelming. If you’ve already got a job secured overseas, then the move will be a lot easier, but there are a lot of moving pieces to figure out. Use these 4 tips for moving overseas to help lighten your load and to make it as easy as can be.

1. Use a Moving Company
Using a moving company is hands down my biggest tip if you’re moving across the country or overseas. You might be surprised to learn that moving can be extremely emotional, especially when you’re moving far and you’re not sure how often you’ll be able to visit or the next time you will be back. Working with a moving company takes a lot of the pressure off you and allows you to have a lot more mental space to process the emotional aspect of leaving. Check out these san diego movers to see some really competitive pricing plans.

2. Do a Trial Trip
It can feel very bold to move blindly to a country you’ve never been to, and I’m all for adventure, however you may feel a lot more confident in moving if you do a trial trip. I suggest taking at least two weeks to live in your potential destination and trying out what it feels like to ‘live’ there. Traveling is much different to traveling, when you’ve got the daily grind of work and you’re doing school runs and so on, places often lose a lot of their magic. This can be a great opportunity to also check out neighbors and school zones, so you can learn more about what kind of area you want to be in.

3. Be Realistic About Visas
Visas can often be harder to obtain or take longer than we expect to come through, so be open to all of this. If your new employment helps with visas, great. Be sure to take all the help you can get with this paperwork, especially for a foreign country, can be a real nightmare. You may have to start the process of collecting the documents you need months and months before you’re even ready to apply, so be sure to do some research into what’s required so you can be ready.

4. Document Where You’ve Lived
Before you go, make sure you make the most of where you’ve been. Maybe you’re already bored of your town or city and you’re itching to get out, but chances are when you’re in your new home, you’ll miss where you’ve been. I suggest buying or borrowing a drone from someone, like this dji mavic 3 and taking some cool aerial footage of you and your loved ones.

Moving overseas is such a fun adventure and I hope these four tips help you feel excited and prepared for the leap. 

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