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7 Essential Online Tips for Avid Travelers in 2020


The routine of daily life gets boring sometimes. When it gets boring, it’s important to take some time out of your schedule to explore a bit. Take a weekend to explore places you’ve never been, ask for a couple of weeks off to go out of state, save up some money to travel the world.

And if you’re already an avid fan of travelling, you may think you’ve got everything down pat. But I’ve yet to meet a traveller who knew everything about everything when it comes to travelling,  including myself. Allow me to tell you a few ways you can make your travels a bit easier.

7 Tips for Avid Travelers

1. Be Wary of Public Wi-Fi

The number one mistake I see people make when traveling is taking advantage of any public network they come across. And while I agree that public networks are convenient—and may be your only access to the Internet—they’re not safe. At all.

Hackers use public networks to steal information and hack other people’s accounts. If you want to avoid this, either don’t rely on public networks or use a VPN to encrypt your data. 

2. Stay Clean

2020 brought us the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many of us inside our homes in hopes we don’t become another victim. Some areas and governments have decided to loosen restrictions as the number of people infected with COVID-19 decreases.

However, you shouldn’t let your guard down. If you’re going to be traveling, try to stay as clean and hygienic as possible, for your and everyone else’s sake. And try to wear a facemask!

3. Pack Light

The first reaction many have to packing for a trip is pack as much as possible. Don’t.

Yes, you need to pack your essentials. Yes, you need to pack some emergency stuff and maybe extra supplies. However, refrain from overburdening yourself. Doing so will only cause more harm than good, trust me.

4. Always Carry a Map

Having a GPS wherever you go is a god-send, but if you end up without your phone or service and don’t have a map, you may get lost, especially if it’s in an area sparsely roamed.

Because of this, you should always carry a map with you. Yes, it’s not the most fun to read, but it can save you a lot of time in an emergency.

5. Take Your Time

I see many experienced travelers rushing from activity to activity, scenery to scenery, hoping to see all that there is.

But when you rush, you don’t take time to truly experience the sights and activities, making your trip for naught. Take your time, see what all there is to see—make sure you’re actually experiencing it all.

6. Always Bring a Camera

But even if you take the time to engrain all of the trips into your memories, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember just how gorgeous the vistas, cities, and paths were. This is why you should bring a camera.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera—a limited-use digital camera will do just fine. But if you’re one for memories, a camera is borderline necessary.

7. Keep Extra Cash on Hand

You never know when you’re going to find yourself in an emergency, and many of these traveling emergencies center around finances. Many travelers find themselves without enough to cover their expenses.

Always carry a bit of extra money around. Even if you don’t need the extra money, the peace of mind it offers is nice to have.


Traveling is one of the greatest pastimes…ever. Traveling allows you to catch some fresh air, clear your mind, and explore places you’ve never even thought you’d be able to see during your lifetime.

However, there are ways we can all improve our traveling experiences, and what I’ve listed out will make sure your travels go as smoothly as your airplane rides!

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