4 Tips for Safe Outdoor Roller Skating This Summer

Along with summer comes adventures outside, hot concrete and increased chances of falls and injuries when roller skating. If you’re a parent with kids who love roller skating, or someone who likes to skate themselves, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of injury and ensure you and your kids are safe while skating. Keep reading to learn my top 4 tips for safe outdoor roller skating this summer.

1. Use the Correct Size Skates
One mistake I see roller skaters doing all the time is borrowing skates that are not in their size, and then being unable to skate properly. This can greatly impact how effectively you can skate and brake, which can be very dangerous when skating outside in the real world with a host of hazards, such as pedestrians, other skaters and cyclists, and even cars. Be sure to check what the sizing is like for your kids skates as they tend to grow fast, you’ll probably need to upgrade their skates every year. Roller Skates are a great purchase that will give your children or yourself hundreds of hours of fun, but you want to be sure to get the right size and fit.

2. Wear Bright Clothing
If you’re planning to go skating at sunset or even in the early hours of the morning you might not stand out to cars. Chances are you’re moving at a speed that’s a little bit unexpected for cars on the sidewalk, so there’s a higher chance of a car backing out of the drive-way and hitting you or turning into one without noticing you. You’ll want to wear colors that stand out, if you’re particularly worried or your children are quite small, it may be worth investing in a high visibility vest to keep them safe.

3. Don’t Forget Sunblock
It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of skating and before you know it many hours have passed and you’ve been exposed to the harsh summer sun. That can wreak havoc on your skin, not only are you putting yourself at a considerable risk for sunburn and long term damage, but you’re also damaging the quality of your skin. Continued exposure can result in aged skin that looks much older than it is. While you may remember to apply sunscreen before you head out in the sun, don’t forget to also reapply that sunblock every few hours as directed. 

4. Use the Sidewalk
In most places around the world roller skaters are not welcome on the roads and honestly you shouldn’t want to be on there. With the risk of cars, corners, and the risk of a big accident, it’s much better to reserve your skating for the sidewalk. You’ll have to use the sidewalk with caution, however, as there will be a variety of people and a variety of speeds on it. If you live somewhere where there’s a pedestrian only street, that can also be a great option for roller skating as well as parks, closed car parks and even schools.

Staying safe while roller skating is important, no matter your age. Hopefully these four tips help you and your family make the most of this summer and roller skating while minimizing the risk of an accident and injury.

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