10 Evil foods you should avoid while travelling to India

Out of the countries known for their tourist attractions, India holds a special place in the hearts of the world. There are so many places to go, so many sites to explore, so many foods to be relished and the list never ends. For decades, India has been one of the major countries that have witnessed a larger sum of contribution to the tourist revenues. Eventually, when there is so much that has to be discovered and explored, there occurs some or the other glitches that might hinder your exploration.

When you are traveling to India, there is a certain food that might prove to be evil for your health which means that you must avoid them. Keep your ticket ready, pack up the bags and fly into the aura of diverse cultures, divine food and what not. You may indulge into availing some travel deals such as the cleartrip coupons to get yourself a worthy travel experience. So, here is a list of these evil foods you should avoid while traveling to India:

The Street Food

Alas, the best to experience but also the worst for your stomach. Indian streets are flooded with tempting street food which might attract your taste-buds but do not forget that the food which is exposed to bacteria and germs is extremely dangerous to be consumed. These street foods might cause severe stomach infection and food poisoning. Because prevention is better than cure, keep away from these temptations and stay safe.


Now, this is something we Indians are proud of. India’s cuisine is known to be rich in spices and flavors. But, the fact is that the Indian population is used to consuming spicy food which may not be usual for tourists from foreign countries. If you want to explore the country without getting into nausea or stomach diseases, avoid consuming food which is spicy in taste. It is better to compromise a little for the greater memories you will be taking along.


The country has witnessed the mushrooming of excellent non-vegetarian restaurants with amazing essence & flavors. But, when it comes to the quality of meat they are providing, the results are not so good. It is a country where the number of vegetarians is much more than the number of non-vegetarians. One must savor the veggies and curries rather than indulging into the consumption of any kind of contaminated meat.

That Colourful Iced “Gola”

Gola, in India, is known as the cool candies made of ice and topped with different colored sugar syrups. The ice is shaved and molded into a conical shape and then dipped into customizable colors. These candies can be saviors from the heat but are also the sources of unwanted bacteria into the body. From the water used to make Golas to the Colours that are added, quality can not be trusted at all.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are healthy to consume when you are on an expedition as they keep your stomach full yet prevents lethargy. While you are traveling to India, you must not consume the fruit juices from the streets rather, get yourself into a café or a cleaner place, keeping a record of the hygiene. One should avoid the fresh fruit juice from the street because the water added to the juice, or the sugar content or even the fruits might not be washed or cleaned properly.

Gol Gappe/Puchkas/Pani-Puri

This particular savory is a part of the street food but requires to be mentioned separately because it is the most delicious yet the most unhygienic dish available on the streets. Gol Gappe aka Pani-Puri or Puchkas are small round discs, friend and stuffed with Potato, Chickpeas, curd and tamarind sauce. Apart from the filling, Gol Gappa gets its taste from the flavored mint water added to it. Sometimes the contaminated water is used to make this dish which leads to misery regarding the health.

Uncooked Cheese

There are cafes and restaurants which tend to provide good quality cheese dishes but this section is applicable for the places down the street which are clearly unhygienic to eat at. Tourists must avoid eating the cheese, especially the uncooked cheese available as most of the times these cheese dishes are polluted with bacteria like staphylococcus and more. These bacteria cause health issues like stomach infections, food poisoning etc.

Vegetable Salad

When it is about hygiene, you cannot let even a bit go unnoticed. It has been taught to us that vegetables and fruits must be washed properly before actually consuming them. The theory is applied here as well. You never know if the vegetables beside the street corners are being washed properly or not. Thus, in order to keep yourself away from any kind of dirt and pollution, avoid eating the vegetable salads from any kind of place which you doubt can be unhygienic.

Milk and Lassi

There are times when the travelers, in awe of relishing something new food products that just spoil the whole vacation. One of such food item is Milk and Lassi. To be specific, you will find numerous joints in India which provide amazing lassi and other milk products. But, there is just one point around which the whole idea of evil food is revolving. That is, degraded water. As a result, Milk, lassi and other milk drinks must be avoided for the similar reason of not getting sick.

Say no to eggs

Yes, it is universally acknowledged fact that eggs boost your immunity making you feel stronger and better. But, it is also a known fact that undercooked or non-cooked egg can directly affect your intestine. While you are planning your visit to India, try staying away from eggs and egg dishes. Taking a chance can actually land you into the arms of the toilet for hours or maybe days.

Basically, there are people who can just gobble up anything they come across and still go perfectly. While there are people who are prone to getting sick due to allergies. When you are away from home, between the environment and surroundings totally different to your body and mind, you should always stick to a healthy diet where you are excessively cautious about what you are eating. Therefore, avoid the above-mentioned dishes while you are in India and have an amazing stay with the country of love.

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