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8 certifications and courses for DevOps and IT operations

Are you an IT professional? Do you want to upgrade yourself and receive DevOps training online to be able to work with the latest technologies but do not know your options? Well. Then, this article is for you.

IT professionals already have promising and knowledge-oriented jobs after a few years.

Have you ever thought about what else you can do to make your career rise high?

Here are some of the DevOps and IT operation courses available that you can surely try. These DevOps training online courses and certifications will help you gain skills and knowledge on updated tools and strategies for future development.

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional, AWS.

This course will give you two years of experience in managing and operating web services environments of Amazon. One should be aware of building automated infrastructures. One should be mindful of building automated infrastructures, and comfort in modern methodologies and operations is highly appreciated. The one who proves themselves and gets certified are said to have outnumbered in the following aspects. There is a need to deliver continuously. Security controls are automated, and governance processes need compliance validation. Monitoring and logging is another elite skill.

Availability, scalability, and self-healing. Design, management, as well as maintenance of tools to automate operational processes. The exam format includes MCQs and several other options depending upon the mode of examination.

  1. Postgraduate program in DevOps by Simplilearn

If you want to accelerate your career as a DevOps engineer, this course at Simplilearn will help you learn from the best institute. It has been made by collaborating with the California Institute of Technology’s Center for Technology and Management Education (Caltech CTME) to form a comprehensive curriculum.

The topics that this course covers are DevOps, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, etc

This course will teach you:

  1. DevOps fundamentals.
  2. Continuous Integration.
  3. Continuous Delivery.
  4. Cloud platforms.
  5. Source control.

It also gives you a deep understanding of tools like Maven, Puppet, SaltStack, Jenkins, and many more.

  1. Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat.

The RHCSA certification helps the system administrator to enhance their skills. This course is like the bible for IT professionals, and it is common for almost all of them to have mastered one. 

This one who qualifies for this test is skillful in the true sense of DevOps training online. The topics covered here are:

How to create simple shell scripts, operate running systems, boot into different run levels, and control services.

The candidate also gains insights into local storage, file systems management security, and the foundation of container management.

  1. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer ( CKAD), Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Kubernetes rules over container orchestration. Try your chance by getting certified in this arena.

The requirements and the criteria expected from the candidates who take the exam are as follows:-

  • The candidate should be aware of the basics of container orchestration and the concepts of cloud-native applications.
  • The candidate must know Python, Node.js, Go, or Java before enrolling in this course.
  • Performance-based tasks will decide if you qualify. The test prevails for two hours.
  • One who applies for this course can either choose self-study or join a training course.

The other aspects of this exam tests are:

If your core concepts are in place.

Configuration and multi-container pods with keen observation and pod design are also required.

Services and networking with state persistence are also appreciated.

  1. Azure Administrator Associate, Microsoft.

During this pandemic, access to public cloud adoption has gradually risen, and it is also responsible for the joining of efficient and reliable employees.

The course authenticates as an administrator with Microsoft Azure. Azure is counted among the biggest cloud computing platforms in the world.

To qualify for this exam and get DevOps training online, you need to pass the acknowledgment process of Azures Accessibilities.

Even the freshers need to have six months’ prior experience with Azure administration. Familiarity with Azure workloads, portals, and resource manager templates is mandatory. Candidates are also required to acquire acquaintance with PowerShell and various services provided by Azure.

  1. DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261), The Linux Foundation.

In this modern era, you need to have access to creating site reliability engineering, and Google is mainly given credits for site reliability. But, as the situation demands, this practice has recently become common in IT operations.

This course instructs you about the basics of delivering software quickly and effectively. Applicants will also be able to learn the skills of production, management, and safe delivery to the end-user. The developers, quality analysts, and sync admins are the ones who receive benefits from this course.

Other prospects include Cl/CD and the usage of tools and platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, and Spinnaker.

The course will provide candidates with teaching videos and assignments and hands-on labs.

Basic information about the operations of the Linux system and delivery process is required. A Linux server or machine is a mandatory requirement. Along with a cloud provider and virtual box.

  1. DevOps Leader, DevOps Institute.

In this particular course, the candidate will learn the detailed transformation process of DevOps.

Given are the list of concepts and skillset acquired through this course.

The DevOps training is online.

The mental models.

The differentiation from traditional IT.

Empowering and meaningful metrics.

Performance management.

The incentives. Cultural and behavioral change.

The basic DevOps understanding needs to be known, and prior experience in this field is a prerequisite. There will be instructors, guidelines, and other learning options available.

  1. Containers Fundamentals ( LFS253), The Linux Foundation.  

Mastering yourself into containers will lead you to become successful in IT operations. It is an intermediate-level program. It focuses on the fundamentals of the containers. The areas that will be of primary focus are :

  • Container standards and runtimes
  • Container images
  • Container storage
  • Container networking.
  • Building and running multi-container applications with Docker.

This course will allow you to combine and deploy an application on any platform required.

This course expects the candidates to know about all the aspects of the cloud and have an approach toward workstations with Linux, macOS, Or Windows installed.

Over to you

Now you have complete information about various courses for DevOps and IT operations. This article will ease your comparison among the plethora of choices, and it will be easier to find one that suits your requirements. So, get going and upgrade yourself by getting DevOps training online.

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