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#84 Top Things To Consider When Buying Dining Tables

After a busy day, eating dinner with friends and family is a chance to unwind and connect. Many people buy dining tables to set the perfect mood for enjoying a meal. Dining tables are also used for playing games, working from home, and enjoying hobbies. It’s important to purchase the right style to fit your needs and budget. The wrong choice could mean not having enough room for your guests or selecting an impractical style for you and your household. Before you go furniture shopping, consider these important factors.

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When choosing the size of your dining table, consider how many people live in your home. This number will give you a good baseline in terms of minimum size. From there, consider how many guests you typically host during holidays and special events. To make sure everyone gets a seat at the table, choose a table size with extra room.


There are endless style options when it comes to dining room furniture. Depending on your décor preferences, you’ll need to decide which color and finish looks best in your home. From unique tabletops to upholstered chairs, there are several ways to infuse your personality. Glass tabletops bring light into a room and are perfect for dark, smaller spaces. Metallic accents on table legs offer a pop of color without being too flashy. If you’d like to go with something more neutral and practical, choose a dark brown, black, or gray finish. These colors tend to hide imperfections and compliment most styles.


Don’t forget to think about table height when you’re out shopping. There are three dining table heights to choose from: standard, counter, and bar. Standard height is the most common. If you have family members with long legs, counter height offers more room, which provides more comfort. Bar height is the tallest and is usually paired with stools instead of chairs. If you have a smaller-sized dining room, bar height may be a smart choice.


Many families use their dining tables for more than just eating. If you plan on using your table for work, playing games, or arts and crafts, consider choosing a table made from durable materials with a practical finish. You may want to avoid white or light-colored tables, as they can be tough to keep clean. If your immediate household is relatively small but you entertain frequently, consider buying a table with an expandable leaf to add more room whenever you need it.


Like other furniture, the price of dining tables varies greatly. It’s important to choose the best option for your family without going over your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality dining tables available at affordable prices. Make sure you spend some time comparing costs at different stores before purchasing so you wind up with the best deal.

Following these tips will prepare you for choosing the perfect dining table. Taking the time to consider all the right factors allows you to select a table you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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