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A Guide to America’s Best Tourist Spots

The United States of America is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world and is filled with beaches, bluegrass, redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities, and magnificent open skies. Therefore, as a tourist, if you’re looking for the casual and must-stroll neighborhoods in Hawaii, skyscrapers in New York, vibrant and sunny beaches in California, antique historic buildings in Boston, or many other beautiful landmarks in sky-loving cities, we’ve got it all covered! Here’s a short and crisp guide to America’s best tourist spots. 

  1. National Mall

A Guide to America's Best Tourist Spots

The National Mall features more than 1000 acres of amazing monuments, green space, and sites. You can witness many historical buildings in the National Mall, including Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and Vietnam War Memorial. Although it takes full-fledged two days to see the National Mall, make some time for the city’s greatest museums that will not be anything less than breathtaking. 

  1. Venice Beach

You can’t justify your trip to America’s greatest tourist spot, Los Angeles, without paying a visit to its far stretched and calm beaches. Although the city’s beaches and canals are spectacular, the Venice Beach Boardwalk steals the show. This is one of the liveliest and most entertaining places in Los Angeles, where street performers perform their art, sculpt, dance, juggle, and sing for passersby. Never forget to tip these art-lovers, as a form of appreciation. You can get your hands on a lot of souvenirs, buy a refreshing drink and bring small bills for a nice stroll on the broad walk.

  1. Faneuil Hall

One of the most eye-gawking historic destinations in Boston includes its Faneuil Hall Marketplace. In the years before and during the American Revolutionary War, this Cradle of Liberty also served as a gathering space for many leaders, to fight against oppression. However, these days, touring this historic destination of Boston means a whole lot of opportunities to shop for the yummiest desserts in the outdoor and indoor marketplace. 

  1. Navy Pier

In the heart of Chicago’s magnificent coastal Streeterville neighborhood, the enormous Navy Pier extends over the waters of Lake Michigan. The pier offers almost countless tourists attractions for the foreigners and their families too. There are many souvenir shops from where you can snag some memorable pieces of this beautiful city, and manicured gardens are ideal for a relaxing and scenic stroll. The Pier is also home to two theatres, the Chicago Children’s Museum, and plenty of excellent restaurants. 

  1. Niagara Falls 


Being a National landmark and one of the most popular places of vacation in America, Niagara Falls, is situated on the border of Canada and New York. The three waterfalls – American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls- have a combined flow rate, that’s the highest of any waterfall in the world. Their impressive force is incredible and nothing short of awe-worthy. The real charm of Niagara Falls is its night-time illumination of the falls, delicious meal served with a panoramic waterfall view, and vast hiking trails. 

  1. The French Quarter

Including the vampires and witches from the famous TV show, The Originals, another thing that greatly rules the city of New Orleans is its famous French Quarter. It is one of the oldest corners of the city and remains the most charming tourist attraction among the masses. You can walk down Bourbon Street and enjoy the great and lively nightlife, jazz, breathtaking visuals, and tons of delicious food. When traveling on a streetcar and switching between your favorite destinations, don’t forget to look out for the spectacular architecture. Additionally, your trip to the French Quarter surely won’t be complete without having a taste of the authentic Cajun grub. 

  1. Little Havana

Do you know what else is in Havana except for the heart of Camila Cabello? Some of the best Latin American art galleries, busy and diverse restaurants, and cafes with aesthetic walk-up windows that sell Cuban coffee to their smoking patrons. This underrated neighborhood in Miami, Florida has become the top favorite of many tourists from all around the world. Out on the town, you can throw back Caribbean drinks and dance the night away to salsa music. Havana is known for its legendary and mouthwatering food, such as Colombian arepas, Cuban sandwiches, and savory tacos. 

  1. The Empire State Building 

Built in 1931, The Empire State Building was crowned the “tallest skyscraper in the world”, and held the title for almost 40 years. With its enormous 102 stories, the Empire State Building dominates the city view. From the observation deck, you can witness an incredible view of the magical New York City, and on a clear day, you can view up to 5 States, that are miles away. Nowadays, the building is famous for its astonishingly beautiful panoramic views, and neon lights, which are mostly changed on different occasions. 

  1. Fisherman’s Wharf

This place got its name from many fishermen and mongers, who used to live in the neighborhood in the late 1800s. The scenic place in San Francisco offers great views of the bay and several fleets of ships, with tons of mouthwatering foods and delightful shops everywhere. Before heading onto the area’s specialties, you can also grab some seafood chowder from any of the local eateries, made with local crabmeat, and served in a cute bread bowl. 

  1. Statue of Liberty 

The most classic tourist attraction that was originally a French property, the Statue of Liberty, has now become America’s highest-held value. This tall copper monument of 151 feet can be seen from the free Staten Island Ferry. As a visitor, you can learn about the interesting history of Liberty Island and explore several exhibits and museums on site. You can also pay your respects and step inside during an official tour. Additionally, a short ferry ride from Battery Park can easily take you to the Statue of Liberty in 10 minutes!

  1. Walt Disney World

If you are a fan of amusement parks, do not forget to visit the Walt Disney World in the city of colors, Orlando. Many tourists do not know that Walt Disney World is a colorful combination of several theme parks, including Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Blizzard Beach Water Park. You can enjoy lots of thrilling and exciting rides, watch Broadway-quality shows and explore the ecstatic nightlife, delightful cuisine, and shop for some fun souvenirs.

America’s Best Tourist Spots – Guaranteeing You the Best Time of your Life

Being one of the top five tourist spots, America is magnificently equipped with iconic symbols of democracy and freedom, different landscapes, cultures, and ancient sites that can’t be missed at any cost. The country is more than filled with many tourist spots, and its action-packed cities will get you hooked on this beautiful and lively country. So, if you’re planning a trip to America, do some research, sort out your preferences, have a look at our short and exciting list, and live the best time of your life in the USA, where plenty of incredible sights are sprinkled across the country!

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