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A Guide To Restoring & Refurbishing Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is very popular, with many avid collectors that buy and sell pieces on a regular basis. Some make healthy profits by acquiring antique timepieces in poor condition and restoring them to sell, while others do not intend to put any of their pieces on sale, preferring to amass a collection. Regardless of your specific intentions, establishing a connection with a reputable jewellery restorer is essential when seeking to acquire antique jewellery.

Determine Your Goals

When having an antique jewellery piece worked on by a skilled jewellery restorer, you first need to decide exactly what you want the expert to do. When handling antique jewellery, it is imperative to possess a lucid comprehension of your objectives and intentions, whether it entails restoring the piece to its pristine condition or seeking meticulous repairs. You can find an antique jewellery online dealer if you search with Google, where you can browse a great collection.

Approved Restorers

Let’s say that you have a very valuable antique pocket watch that needs restoration work. Contact your local antique dealer who has associations with approved restorers. A skilled restorer would examine the timepiece and can give you a quote for the project; should you agree, the work can begin. The significance of entrusting your antique jewellery, irrespective of its nature or condition, to an accomplished professional cannot be overstated. Allowing an unqualified individual to work on your precious antique pieces puts everything at risk.


Prior to making any determinations, it is prudent to engage in the appraisal of the jewellery item, encompassing valuation of both pre and post-restoration. Seeking the counsel of a restoration professional before reaching a verdict is advisable, as the endeavour might potentially lead to a diminishment of the piece’s value. Established antique dealers possess the capability to conduct appraisals on jewellery items and can also facilitate connections with exemplary jewellery restorers.

Seeking A Second Opinion

If you would like to compare a quote for working on a piece of antique jewellery, simply contact another antique dealer and ask him to recommend a jewellery restoration expert. There are occasions when the expert would not recommend restoring a piece, as it would impact the value. When dealing with antique jewellery, it is crucial to consider numerous factors, and seeking a second opinion can often be a prudent decision.


This means that a piece of jewellery needs repair, and a qualified jewellery technician would examine the piece and establish what needs to be done. A plan would be drawn up to ensure that the client fully understands the expected outcome. When everything is agreed upon, work can begin.

Specialised Workshop

A jewellery restoration expert can only work in their workshop, where they have the special equipment. To the untrained eye, the workshop might seem sparse, yet the restorer knows exactly where everything is. His tools are very rare and were accumulated over many years and without them, the specialist would not be able to do his work.

When considering the revitalisation or repair of your beloved antique jewellery, it is strongly advised to seek guidance from a reputable antique dealer renowned for their broad connections and specialised expertise. Through their extensive network, they can facilitate introductions to authorised specialist jewellery restorers who possess the requisite skills to handle exclusive pieces. This invaluable assistance will empower you to make well-informed decisions and instil the highest level of confidence in the restoration or repair process.

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