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Assignment Tools from Google will now Check Plagiarism

Assignment Tools from Google will now Check Plagiarism

If you have created an assignment and want to check it for mistakes and plagiarism, you will have landed in the right place.

In this post, we will tell our readers about the best online plagiarism checker tools using which you can easily detect plagiarism without any complications and practice. The method of checking plagiarism by adding direct content into Google’s search bar has become outdated as it takes a lot of time and efforts to check an article accurately for plagiarism.
In this short post we would be throwing light on the plagiarism checker tools that are indexed on the top SERPs of Google!

Best plagiarism checker tools that you can find on Google!

There are thousands of plagiarism checking websites and tools ranked on multiple search engines.

Still, the ones that we have listed below are the most suitable ones for students and are also exceptionally reliable in getting accurate results!

This plagiarism checker is based online and is powered by AI and advanced algorithms. You must know that this free plagiarism checker tool can help you detect not only traces of intentional plagiarism but also accidental ones. This similarity checker can check plagiarism in the raw text as well as in complete files. The can cater 800 words of content in one go for free. This plagiarism checker website is best for screening duplication in assignments. Another good thing about this duplication checker tool is that it provides security to the content it checks. So you do not have to stress for the confidentiality of your work.


Duplichecker is an incredibly famous platform used for screening duplication. This plagiarism checker website offers both free and paid services with some limitations in search queries. The free plagiarism checker by Duplichecker can cater 50 queries, each consisting of 1000 words. If you want to check more content for plagiarism, you should definitely need to get a paid bundle of the tool. The interface of this plagiarism checker tool is quite simple and easy to use. So you do not need any prior practice to run the program. Both students and teachers can use this plagiarism checker tool!


The plagiarism checker tool by smallseotools is another online service that can help you detect all sorts of duplications and replications in content. This is a free plagiarism checker with an interface which you would find simple as soup. People usually think that free plagiarism checker tools are not reliable. Still, you must know that this platform provides full security and privacy to check and compare your work for duplication with its integrated database. This plagiarism checker tool has one of the largest databases filled with more than billions of web pages and websites with which your content is matched.

This is another free plagiarism checker website which can check your assignments for both duplication and human errors. The free version of this plagiarism scanner website is capable of checking 25,000 words. If you need more services without any limitations, then you need to go to the pro version. The pro version of this tool can only be accessed if you register an account with it. This plagiarism checker tool works in more than ten different languages. This is one reason it is famous in many countries across the globe. This plagiarism checker website is best for students, bloggers, and professional writers and teachers!


Grammarly is the best tool that you can use to create assignments. You must know that this tool can also check your work for human mistakes and plagiarism. Grammarly’s working is based online, so you need an extraordinarily strong web connection to run it. Grammarly can check your work for all sorts of mistakes, including grammar, spellings, vocabulary, and even sentence structure for free. If you get along with the tool’s paid bundle, you can easily check your work for all sorts of plagiarism. This plagiarism checker tool is very easy to use, and you can run it online and with Word as an add-on!


This plagiarism checker is the one with no usage limits. You can even check millions of files and words in a day if you have the energy to do the scanning. The best thing about this plagiarism checker tool is that it provides security and privacy to your content. The content you check with this plagiarism checker is immediately deleted after completing your search and getting the reports. You can get the most detailed plagiarism checking reports with this online tool so you should give it a shot.

These plagiarism checker website tools are indexed with Google and have integrations with this search engine. You should try these tools and bookmark the most suitable one on your browser!

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