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Essential Tips to Prepare For UPSC

The UPSC exam is one of India’s prestigious exams; lakhs of people appear for this exam every year from across the nation. However, it is a fact that only a fraction of candidates can clear the exam and fulfil their IAS dreams. What makes the IAS exam complicated is not just the length of the syllabus but also its unpredictable nature.

It is to be known that the UPSC exam can’t be simply cracked by reading books and other study material. Being a bookworm won’t help. As known to all, the last stage in the UPSC exam selection process is the personality round. The UPSC board interviews the candidate to evaluate their personality and find out of the candidate is suitable for the IAS services.

The UPSC preparation needs all-round development of the candidate apart from academic knowledge. Even from the academic point of view, the aim should not simply be to complete the syllabus but to constantly acquire new information and knowledge on the latest happening and current affairs in India and internationally. With online coaching institute for UPSC, the candidates can now access study material and opt for UPSC prelims preparation online

Here’s a look at some essential tips on UPSC preparation that will improve your chances of getting through the exam:

Prepare Yourself

Before planning to start UPSC civil services online preparation, you must prepare yourself for the journey. Before you begin, you must prepare yourself mentally first. Setting goals and devoting time accordingly is crucial. The candidate should completely understand the UPSC exam pattern and plan the schedule accordingly.

The UPSC exam has three stages: prelims, mains, and interviews. If you are a working professional, you have limited time; hence it’s all the more important to make a schedule to devote time for the preparation. The candidate should chart a plan as a roadmap during the preparation journey. With digitisation, UPSC coaching institute online has become a convenient option. It enables the aspirant to balance the preparation with working hours.

Plan a Timetable

To become an IAS officer, it is essential to behave like an officer in the making. You have to be well-organised and have a scheduled routine. Even if you are a working professional, making a timetable is the key to utilising your time well. The timetable should be comfortable but still created in such a way that you get enough time to cover course of UPSC exam.

Making a timetable eases the preparation and streamlines it. With deadlines, a candidate can work in a better way and complete the syllabus quite fast. You must analyse the subjects in the curriculum and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It offers an idea of areas that need work.

Get Acquainted with the UPSC Syllabus

One of the essential preparation tips is to get acquainted with the syllabus. UPSC offers a syllabus for the prelims and main examinations in a detailed manner. Aspirants must go through the syllabus and understand it first. This enables the candidate to choose relevant study material and prioritise the subjects. You can easily find the UPSC syllabus online.

Read Newspapers to Stay Updated with Current Affairs

The newspapers play a crucial role when it comes to IAS preparation. If the aspirant doesn’t read the newspaper every day or follow any digital source of daily news, they can’t expect to clear the exam with good scores. The questions asked in UPSC exams are connected to current affairs in one way or another.

Thus, keeping an eye on relevant news in the daily newspaper is essential. There are several online sources which can keep you up-to-date with current affairs. You can find news on YouTube as well!

Choose Optional Subject

The optional subject can help you score 500 marks in the UPSC final exam. Thus, the optional subject should be chosen carefully after contemplating the pros and cons. Some factors which should be considered before choosing an optional subject are:

  • Interest in the subject
  • Available study material
  • Prior knowledge of the subject
  • Overlap with GS papers
  • Availability of coaching

Study NCERT Books

The NCERT books from classes 6 to 12 have a significant role to play in the IAS preparation. Candidates can get insight into the basic concepts and theories from the NCERT textbook itself. These books offer information effortlessly and are very reliable as the source is our government. There have been instances where UPSC has asked questions directly from the NCERT syllabus.

Thus, NCERT textbooks are a reliable and best source for beginning the IAS preparation. You can find a list of NCERTs books for the UPSC exam online. Apart from NCERTs, the candidate should also follow other advanced textbooks.

Making Relevant Notes Can Help

Like any other course preparation, you must make notes during UPSC exam preparation. The UPSC syllabus is like a vast ocean. Making notes help in keeping track of the portions already covered and also help with the revision process.

The aspirants can make separate files for separate subjects. Files help in keeping the notes safe and organised. You can also add the current affairs-related newspaper cuttings in the file.

Online Prelim Test Series

One crucial step of preparation is enrolling for the UPSC prelims preparation online. It offers the actual UPSC exam experience as candidates take the test in a limited time frame. They also get to analyse their strengths and weaknesses for further preparation.

Writing practice matters the most during preparation. It helps in evaluating critical, analytical, and communicative skills. It helps with time management to complete the test in the stipulated time frame. Candidates learn to answer correctly, quickly, and efficiently. Developing these skills is only possible by practising the test series offered by UPSC coaching centre. You must also try solving previous question papers.


These are some of the essential tips for beginners who are attempting the exam for the first time. The initial months of the beginners are spent understanding the exam’s pattern and how to start with the preparation. They are under a lot of pressure as the competition is the toughest. These tips will enable the aspirants to create a planned strategy for the upcoming UPSC exam and score well.

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