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Top Five Reasons to Take Up Chemistry in School

Studying chemistry is not everyone’s cup of tea, and only people who are interested in the subject can study it. A person who has no interest in chemistry would find it very difficult even to pass the subject let alone score straight A’s in it.

School life is a very crucial part of a student’s life and the subject he chooses in school define him in the future. Of course, the subject is hard and students definitely need chemistry homework help but there are many sources online that provide help to such students. So if a person is interested in the subject, there is no reason not to study it. When doing what we love any task becomes enjoyable, and the same is the case with studies. If students study what they love, they will enjoy studying it without any pressure and perform very well.

In this post, the top 5 reasons to take up chemistry in school will be discussed. This article will be helpful for students who are confused about what subject should they choose.

Chemistry helps understand nature

One may think that chemistry is all about mixing different chemicals, and that is the image that comes on our mind if we hear the word chemistry. But that is just not the case. Chemistry is all around us, and even the nature around us is explained with the help of chemistry.

Why are leaves green in color? How is curd made from milk? How does Ice float? Why do leaves change color? – These are some of the many intriguing questions that can be answered with the help of applied chemistry. Isn’t it intriguing? Even for someone who doesn’t want to pursue a career in chemistry, these questions are fascinating and compelling.

Chemistry helps to find out the truth

Whenever, in an advertisement, a company showcases a product and its working, people usually believe what is being advertised. The same is not the case for chemists because they can easily understand whether the products will work or it is another of the company’s scam.

Chemists understand the working of substances very well, and so it is tough to even for professional sales associates to fool a chemist. People who understand how chemistry works always expect reasonable explanations for any and everything around them.

Studying chemistry keeps everyone safe

There are chemicals in most of the things that are used in the daily household. Most of them can be very dangerous when they come in contact with one another or mix. So a basic knowledge of chemistry keeps a person safe from such mishappenings because he is already aware of all the possible reactions that any products might have with each other.

This is very important because many people have no idea about the chemical components of even the daily use items like toothpaste and soaps. So a basic knowledge of chemistry is a must.

Chemistry is required in all fields of work

Whatever field a person might step into, there is always some chemistry involved in it. Be it food industry, art, homemaking or transportation, chemistry always finds its way and basic knowledge of chemistry is still a must. All the mysteries of life can be uncovered with little knowledge of chemistry. As time passes, it also develops a person’s interest in the subject. After that, chemistry is the only thing that rules their mind.

Chemistry helps in cooking

Some chemistry can also help cook delicious meals. Whether it is neutralizing the effects of salt or making a thick curry. All of it involves a little chemistry. Even natural food coloring which has flavors can be understood better with the help of chemistry. So, for people who already have an interest in cooking, chemistry can be a cherry on top.


Students are always confused as to what subject should they choose as a major, and this confusion is fairly justified also. At such a young age, it is not possible to make such career choices. It is all a result of a faulty education system because children are not even aware of the depths of the subject when they are made to choose one among others. This is the reason people usually switch careers as soon as they find where their real interest lies.

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