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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Preparation

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Preparation

Since globalization, the need for Azure administrators has grown exponentially. Since Azure is one of Microsoft’s most popular cloud services, Azure administrator certifications will likely increase demand.

Suppose you want to renew your current certification to maintain your skills up to date or want to enter the business of Azure administration. In that case, this study guide will cover all you need to know to help you pass the AZ 104 certification exam.

What is the AZ 104 Azure Administrator Associate Certification?

Microsoft offers two Azure administration certificates, one of which is the AZ 104. It is a step below the Azure Administrator Expert; therefore, it covers many of the fundamentals of Azure management.

It’s also worth noting that the AZ 104 certification focuses on Azure virtual machines rather than Azure cloud apps. It means that the abilities evaluated for this exam apply to those who manage the day-to-day functioning of Azure VMs.

The AZ 104 certification is ideal for those new to Azure administration and who wish to obtain a basic overview of the various services and features accessible to Azure VMs. This Microsoft Azure certification is one of the most challenging certificates to obtain and the most sought-after.

 What is the AZ 104 Exam Format?

The exam structure for the AZ 104 certification exam is fairly demanding. It is a computer-based exam with 80 questions and a time limit of 90 minutes. The pass mark is 700. One can pass the exam with two chances and can take the retest after a two-week waiting period.

Results are normally available within minutes; however, if the exam involves labs, you may need to wait 30 minutes for it. If you took the exam with Certiport, the results would be displayed on the learner’s profile dashboard when the exam ends or within 24 hours.

What does the AZ 104 Certificate Exam Consist of?

The AZ-104 certification exam curriculum focuses on the essential skills to properly administer Azure virtual machines. You’ll be evaluated on the various Azure VM features and services and how to implement them within an Azure VM.

Here is a topic-wise breakdown of the AZ 104 exam:

  • Configure and manage virtual networking (25–30%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15–20%)
  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)
  • Monitor and backup Azure resources (10–15%)

Main Concepts to Focus on for the AZ 104 Exam

These are the concepts you should prepare well for the exam.

  • Azure Logging– Azure logging enables monitoring the Azure environment, applications, and resources from a central location.
  • Azure Log Explorer– It is a web-based application meant to simplify administration by providing a single location to search, filter and view all of the Azure logs.
  • Azure Diagnostics – Included in every Azure VM, Azure Diagnostics allows managers to collect statistics on the condition of their VMs. It is vital to remember that this functionality is disabled by default and must be enabled to be used.
  • Azure Automation – Microsoft’s own cloud-based automation and workflow service.
  • Azure Network – The Azure network is a networking fabric that connects virtual machines, and the network gateway is the connection point that connects the virtual machines to Azure services. It is vital to know the difference between the two.

Important Topics to Prepare for AZ 104

Here are some topics you should be familiar with for the AZ 104 certification exam.

  • Azure Infrastructure– This segment will assess your knowledge of Azure’s architecture and key components.
  • Networking– This exam section evaluates the understanding of the features of the Azure network.
  • Virtual Machines– The exam’s virtual machines portion examines your knowledge of the key features and operation of Azure VMs. It comprises the fundamental functionality of Azure VM, VM administration, and Azure VM extensions.
  • Storage – The exam’s storage section assesses your understanding of Azure Storage. Understand storage endpoints and how to provide storage and construct container-based storage solutions.
  • Monitoring and Logging – This portion tests your knowledge of Azure’s logging functionality and monitoring and diagnostic tools.

What is the CMSA?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft offers two Azure administration certificates. It means that you can also obtain a senior-level Azure Administrator certification.

It is intended for those who deal with large settings and are in charge of managing Azure daily. Azure Administrator is an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) credential. It suggests that it is one of the most difficult certificates to obtain and that a few other Azure administration certifications follow.


The Microsoft AZ 104 certification creates a solid foundation for candidates looking to break into the world of Azure administration. The tech sector is rapidly expanding, and many businesses are looking for administrators who can handle their Azure environments. The AZ 104 certification is also helpful in updating with the latest industry trends.

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