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Farewell Speech in School, College, University and Office

Every individual has to experience farewell at least once in their lifetime. It can either be your farewell from school, college, university, office, country or any other institution or organization. Even though farewells are usually tragic, it marks the start of a new journey that can be pursued in the most energetic manner. 

Provided that any farewell can be one of the most important moments and events of your life, it is essential for you to give a farewell speech to those who has given you the same. Therefore, here are some of the suggestions that you can review and come up with your own memorable farewell speech. 

Farewell Speech in School for Juniors

Dear respected teachers, colleagues, staff, seniors and all the friends that we have made in the past few years. It is a pleasure for us, juniors, to be supervised, mentored, loved and bonded with our seniors who have been just more than family to us in these times. Having seniors who are not just academically bright but a complete moral support is an honor. It is highly motivating for the juniors to look forward to our seniors as an example of something we strive to be. 

In this farewell, we would like to give our heartfelt wishes to all the seniors who are moving towards another step of life. Not only we have amazing memories together with them, but I can say with utmost firmness that our teachers have also experienced the same. A high standard has been set up by our seniors, for the juniors to look forward to, in terms of persistence, consistency, excellence, dedication and perfection. At some point, we all juniors know who to look forward to in times of help and need. 

Today we are not just here to say goodbye but to wish you all the success and happiness in life. The route ahead is not easy but can be made one with all the hard-work that you have put in the past and will continue to do so. We all wish you a very prosperous future. 

Farewell Speech in School for Seniors

Farewell Speech in School for Seniors


Dear respected teachers, colleagues, staff, juniors and all the friends that we have made in these times. It is an absolute pleasure to be in supervision of juniors, who have always been so obedient along-with being a moral support. Not only the seniors are highly overwhelmed by the love and support we got in all these years, but we are also sure of the fact the way you will treat your juniors. In this case, we are sure that the upcoming juniors of the school will be mentored in the most ideal manner. 

Our journey, beginning from taking admission into this school to learning how to hold a pencil and to being in a position to mentor our juniors, has been amazing. We are not only proud of the faculty that taught us during this time but also of our juniors who have been a constant means of support. 

This school has been a place where we learnt the difference between right and wrong. We learnt ethical duties we owe towards our family, friends, teachers, neighbours and even animals. We learnt how to create and spread love. We learnt about how to be better humans and therefore, how to serve the humanity. We learnt how to always follow the right thing no matter how tempting the bad appears to be. We have learnt to evolve ourselves into better individuals, not just for our own betterment but how to serve the country and humanity through what we have learnt. We, seniors, hope that  our juniors will follow our footsteps, and make sure that they learn to live with harmony and peace with other colleagues and students.

Speaking in a practical sense, it is imperative for juniors to understand the competition out there. We have experienced more than you in school, and this is why, we in the right position advise you to work hard, work consistently and never give up on your dreams. Follow what the teachers have to say. Remain obedient to them and learn from their experience. This is the only key to success. Learn as much as you can within the school-time because this time will never come again. If the teachers scold you, be sure that it is only for the betterment of you. 

To conclude, we have spent an amazing time together. The reason that we have been so bonded together is that our teachers have helped us to do so. It is important that we stay in touch together, learn from our experiences and help each other throughout the life. Cheers to all the memories that we have cherished together. 

Farewell Speech in College for Juniors

Good morning to all my teachers, colleagues, friends and the staff out there. It has been a year that we have spent our time with seniors of the college, and, this is the day when they are moving out as more matured individuals. 

The very first day of college was one of the most memorable events for all the juniors. This is not because we were stressed out, anxious or scared to begin our college journey. This is because, from the very first day, we had support of our seniors who guided us throughout the college journey. This is one of the major reasons we have immense gratitude to our seniors. Our senior colleagues have helped us to build perspective and view life in a different manner. We, juniors, entered into our academic life as less focused individuals, and now have transformed into much better personalities who aim to serve other people in the most effective manner. The whole and sole credit for such development lies with the seniors. 

Our teachers have taught us what cannot be found in the books. Our seniors have guided us in a way our parents used to hold our hands to learn to walk. Our experience has been such that we are ready to mentor the juniors that will come this year. We are sure that every junior has its own story to tell. They have their own journey that they want to boast about. It is not that we have not fought with the seniors, but after every fight, it was the love that mattered the most. 

In conclusion, we wish our seniors to ace their professional lives. To show what they are capable of and to wish them best of luck in the competitive arena out there. We are sure of what their abilities are, and how they will pace their way to success. In the end, we hope that we turn out to be good seniors like them and guide our juniors in the same way we have been guided throughout these years that we will always remember. 

Farewell Speech in University for Juniors

Farewell Speech in University for Juniors

Good morning to all our respected principal, vice-principal, teachers, colleagues, seniors, staff and all the lovely people out there. Today is one of the most important days of our lives and this because we bid farewell to our seniors who have always been there for us. 

In fact, today is a very special day for them indeed. Today is the day which marks the opening of the new doors of opportunities. Today is the day when our seniors have entered into a different dimension of their lives. Today is the day when they are walking out as adults, with all the valuable experiences they have obtained in this university. It has been said that professional life is true, the toughest period of anyone’s life. No matter how tough the journey is for our seniors, we have trust and confidence in them to take their standards to a whole new level. 

The achievements of our seniors during all these years have been exceptional. Our university has been known throughout the nation due to all the efforts that have been relentlessly put in by our seniors and teachers. Even though our teachers have built the foundations of success, it is the seniors who have made this dream possible. Today is a colourful day, not only because our seniors will enter into their professional lives, but also due to the pride that we see on the face of our teachers. They are proud of the efforts that they have put in for our seniors to achieve what they have achieved today. Although this might be the last day we see them as students of this university, we are proud of them moving ahead in this journey. 

It is not an easy job to be a senior. University juniors look forward to you, teachers are always looking for moral support and there are hundreds of responsibilities. We are amazed by how our seniors managed to play the role this amazingly. We wish that the juniors are able to cope up with these responsibilities and come out as better individuals. 

Farewell Speech in Office for Colleagues

Good evening to all the people present today. It is an amazing day and we all look forward to such days ahead. It has been an amazing journey up until now. I have been part of this organization for a long time and this is where my heart lies. I still remember the day when I became part of this organization and, it seems only yesterday. This is the day when, with half-heartedness, I bid my farewell to all of you. 

I remain very thankful and grateful to each and every person who is part of this organization. From my boss and my manager to my colleagues to the clerical staff, each and every one of you is the reason for the person who I am today. I have learnt a lot from each and every one of you. This company has given me a different perspective on life. Despite the ups and downs that we all have faced during all this time, we have learnt to live and work as a family. This is the reason I believe our organization is so successful. 

I am highly appreciative of the seniors who have been a constant means of support to me. I still remember how my queries and questions were always answered forthwith by my seniors. I cannot recall a single moment when I was being pressurized into doing my work. My career has always been a smooth journey due to the support that I have received from this organization. 

I would love to lend support to my juniors as well. An important piece of advice for all the newcomers – it is highly important to maintain a work-life balance. Put all your efforts during the early time of your career. Hard work will pay off, however, at the same time, it is highly imperative to ensure that you maintain a healthy personal and social life. Keep your goals clear and work persistently to achieve it. 

In conclusion, I would thank all the people who believed in me. It has been a phenomenal experience, and I hope, that whatever I pursue in future turns out to be as good as this organization. 


Above are some of the samples that you can refer to when preparing for a farewell speech. However, it is pertinent to note that these are just samples. It is of paramount importance to put in your own perspective when writing a farewell speech. The farewell speech should connect with the audience in an emotional manner. The better the speech is delivered and connected with, the better impact it will have on the listener. 

In view of the foregoing, it is also important to note that the speeches are not only about the content. It is also about how well the same is being delivered. Therefore, it is important that you practice the speech frequently. Focus on the tone variations and delivery in order to make it sound as pleasant as possible.

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