5 Killer Ways to Become A Digital Mom a.k.a Vlogger

Being a mom isn’t easy. It’s the strongest shake-up of your life in terms of your heart, health, mind and what not. Behind this ‘mothering’ cusp, there’s a whole baggage of sacrifices that a woman has to make, some wanted and some unwanted. Career is one such stifling sacrifice.

Of course, you can get back to the job once your little one turns 5 or 6. But, these years can be one heck of career-altering. You might not be able to start off where you left. Negotiations at jobs might not come off well. And, that’s scary! Nowadays, the mom brigade has turned to a new, lucrative career option – mom vlogging (video blogging), and believe me, they are making a splash.

I’ve asked 5 mommy vloggers about their experience and all they have told me is that they can’t think about doing anything else except vlogging. It’s just too awesome to be a second vocation. They have also shared some killer tips for the aspiring moms to learn vlogging and reshape their careers. Take a look.

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a) Practice Until You Get Perfect
Practice is the key to achieving what you’re meant to achieve. One of the vloggers told me that her first experience of shooting a video was a ‘retake’ story on the loop. She said, “I fumbled, forgot my lines, and did everything that could screw the attempt to a T. I shot it a dozen times till I get it right.”

She advised: Take a deep breath, mug up your lines well, and calm yourself down. Practice and practice more till you get perfect.

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b) Choose a Nice & Comfortable Background

Another mommy vlogger said: “My boy was a year-old when I ventured into vlogging. My project was important, but my baby was too little to stay alone at home if I went outside for shoots. He was fragile and in a constant need of care and attention. All that juggling required a conscious effort.”

She advised: Turn your room into a legit studio and start. You’ll be comfortable, doing what you love, and also be at the beck and call of your little baby. Distractions will be many, but if you’re passionate, you’ll keep going.

c) Script and Ready a Teleprompter at Home

One vlogger emphasized the need for a simple script and a DIY teleprompter at home. She said: “You can be really bad at cramming your lines. I am horrible at it, frankly. So, my advice is to create a DIY teleprompter at home.”

She advised: Script your thoughts in a dead-plain explanation, like a story. Keep your writing conversational and ensure that it has a dynamic quality. Just paste your entire script on a board and hang it. Or, you can open it on a computer screen, and in a way that gives an impression of you looking at the camera and reading. You know how the teleprompter works, right? 😉

d) Prepping Up Yourself

Get that LBD out and slay, you lady said the 4th vlogger. After sorting out the crucial details, it’s time to prep yourself for the shoot. Looking great can solve up pretty much everything when the vlogging camera is on. You feel confident and urge to take over that goddamn job.

She advised: Wear dark colors against light or multi-colored backdrop because that separates you out. As far as makeup is concerned, apply lots of makeup and use a hairspray, so that you keep the mane manageable.

e) Keep It Short
The last vlogger I talked to had something really important to share. She said: “My first video was just 5 minutes long, which included a quick introduction, information, some tips (optional) and a wrap-up.”

She advised: You don’t need a long video to convey your point across. A sweet, short video with useful information and ideal picture quality is enough to turn heads. Nobody likes going through a 30-minute video-cum- talk show, as it’s really tedious and at times, boring even.

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That’s a wrap to this list of 5 killer ways to become digital mom a.k.a vlogger. If you’re a budding vlogger, don’t forget to tell us how this post helped you. Experienced ones are welcome to hit up with their ideas and additions.

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