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Best NFT Games To Play & Earn Money in 2022

Have you ever heard of NFTs? The sudden and massive rise of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, as well as the steady broadening of their use, has been steadily capturing big global attention. 


There are several strong arguments for this unsurprising stance. One of the most successful ideas was the incorporation of non-fungible tokens into the constantly-developing world of gaming, due to the rapid opening of a mountain of opportunities for players across the planet.


Meet the concept of something called play-to-earn game as it just might be your next favorite thing. It is precisely this concept that is causing huge rage within the gaming world, as the play-to-earn games, known as P2E, are amassing a sense of widespread payoff on gaming.


What are NFT games?


Think of NFT games like the newest addition to your traditional and well-known gaming world. Unlike the usual type of video games, most of us are accustomed to, these ones equip gamers with a real and easily attainable chance of earning an income as a return on gaming. 


This big lead development is driving a revolution in the way gamers, developers, and gaming stakeholders think and earn. Up until recently, profiting off of gaming was available through activities connected to the game in some way, but it was far from any direct in-game profit.

Profit is possible, as it stems from getting and winning native and existing cryptocurrencies, participation in the in-game economy, achievements, levels, as well as time spent playing. However, most of the magic you are interested in happens in obtaining various NFT items. If you are looking to make profit while playing, check out Chainplay for the latest NFT games on the market.

Why play NFT games? 

As we have already briefly touched up, not a whole lot of casual players are exposed to opportunities of big brand sponsorships and professional gaming. This is also part of the reason why a vast number of gamers are not getting any return based on their activities.

All of this makes NFT games far too important altogether, as they have managed to turn gaming into an enjoyable business model while keeping the good old charm of video games.

While you play the game and get different assets or NFTs, you will store them in your digital wallet. Then, once you are ready, you can put them up on an NFT marketplace of your choice to sell or trade. Keep in mind that you can also rent them, and this is a new addition. 

For example, once someone decides to purchase an NFT from you, you will get paid in cryptocurrency. All that is left to do at that point is to trade that amount into a real-world currency, at which point you will have earned your money via NFT games. Sounds good, no?

Best NFT games to earn money in 2022

Onto the part that you have been waiting for. Given the sharp spike in popularity of said gaming development, it is no wonder that many people worldwide are hopping onto the craze and that games are dropping at an astonishing speed. 

With the offer being as large as it is, it can get confusing in terms of choosing what to play and where to start. Hence, we narrowed it down to the following industry favorites: 


A praised and promising game ever since its demo dropped in November of 2021 that lived up to the expectations players had, SolChiks has earned its position as an NFT gaming staple.

Curious about what intergalactic battles look like? Well, look no further. This game has it all – a perfectly executed gameplay, astonishing battles, lost planets, mean-looking chicks characters, raids, and conquests. And it provides a substantial payoff to players, too. 

Alien Worlds 

If you like all things space and sci-fi, you’re in for a treat with this one. Colonize planets as you play, establish politics, governments, economies, do exploring missions, and more. 

If you’re up for it, have a kick in trying to win someone else’s space territory, taking on exciting Mission NFTs in intergalactic quests as you go. With excellent design, this one is highly profitable as well. We’re sure you’d be down to play it.


Surely you have come across this one if you have been doing some reading on gaming that revolves around non-fungible tokens and that comes as no surprise. 500 playing cards, over 64 different abilities, and loads of fun. 

This Pokemon/Digimon-style game will have you reminiscing about your childhood fan days, with interesting quests, player vs. player battles, as well as breeding your characters, and altering their traits as you go. Another good choice for making an income.

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