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Best Standby Generator On The Market

In 2017, 36.7 million people in the US were affected by blackouts. You can check the areas in that are majorly affected by blackouts on PowerOutage US. During the power outage, standby generators are extremely useful when considering that they can keep the lights on and appliances running. This type of generator is installed permanently and even though they are a bit more pricey in comparison to portable generators, standby generators are capable of providing more power to your home. Additionally, they also come with a variety of other great features, such as self-diagnostics to keep you up to date regarding the maintenance needs of the generator and they also kick in automatically as soon as the power goes out.

When choosing the right standby generator for your individual requirements, you will need to be fully aware of your power needs and evaluate what power output you will need from a generator in order to keep lights and basic appliances running well. According to Homemethods, this is the best standby generator on the market.

Briggs & Stratton 40445 Home Standby Generator

Briggs & Stratton is known as a leading brand for quality engine production. This manufacturer supplies various quality products from pressure washers to lawn mowers and the company also manufactures the best standby generator currently on the market.


The features of this model are both functional and straightforward, which makes it an extremely reliable standby generator. One of the most alluring features is the Quick Response feature that ensures the generator will power up automatically as soon as there is a power outage and it will also shut off automatically when the power comes back on in your home. This ensures ultimate convenience during a power outage.

Briggs & Stratton 40445 Home Standby Generator is also fitted with a transfer switch, which will allow home appliances to run and transfer power demand directly from the main power supply to the standby generator. A transfer switch is also an essential feature that you will need to safely power your home with a generator and prevent damaging appliances and the generator itself.

This generator is also equipped with The Symphony II Power Management System. This is a great system that enables the generator to distribute power efficiently to all your appliances. What’s more, this model is also safe and reliable enough to use in your home as it has passed the National Fire Protection Agency 37 standards. There is no need to be concerned with the possibility of the generator overheating or overloading.

Is This Model Durable?

It is vital that a standby generator is durable enough to be reliable. This model is top-rated for its outstanding durability and it will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and external impacts such as abrasions and chipping over long periods of time. The transfer switch is fitted inside a flexible case that is pleasingly water-resistant and the generator itself is encased in a rust-resistant enclosure.

Powerful Output And Excellent Performance

It is essential that a standby generator can meet your needs and keep all your desired appliance running while the power is out. The power and performance of this model ensure that you will be able to power more than just the basics with a total impressive power output of 8000 watts. The transfer switch is 50 amps and it is quite flexible to allow easy monitoring.

Will A Standby Generator Be Beneficial For You?

When taking into account that power outages can be extremely inconvenient and stressful, a standby generator is a great investment that will ensure your house is powered, even during major stormy weather. While portable generators may be slightly more pocket-friendly, standby generators are permanently installed and they are generally significantly more durable. Not only will your home receive more power, but it is also less likely that you will need to replace the generator. The added features are extremely beneficial when taking into account that the generator is able to kick in automatically when the power goes out, providing optimal convenience.

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