Bringing Life to Your Store with Inflatable Air Dancers

Other than the items you will sell in your store, you also have to consider how to properly decorate them to grab as much consumer attention as possible. The 20feet tall inflatable air dancers are a perfect way to bring life to your store. They were initially referred to as tall boys, sky dancers, or tube men, but ultimately inflatable air dancers became how people directed them. Inflatable air dancers are twenty feet tall structures with polyester or nylon fabric costumes and a fan inside the outfit to keep the floaties moving. 

Inflatable air dancers operate with the fans blowing air into the fabric and making it move. 

Peter Minshall initially thought of inflatable air dancers as more prominent mimicking puppet figures since he had a lot of experience with those. These spirited, long-legged, and long-armed dancers were first the creative solution for the 1996 Olympics. Because the Olympics occur during the summer, inflatable air dancers were perfect additions to entertain people outside.

However, that was just the beginning, and inflatable air dancers have been widely used in different occasions and settings. 

What are the traditional store settings that have been around since the dawn?

Traditional retail stores, for the most part, are family-owned small businesses. People use numerous tips to ensure that their store layout fits the main criteria that have the most potential to attract as many consumers as possible. 

In traditional store settings, people pay attention to their floor plan, the direction they lead their shoppers, ensuring appropriate product qualities, having enough room in between different isles, benefiting from the layout to gain more impulsive purchases, occasionally freshening up the displays, attracting numerous human senses at once, cross-merchandising, lovely employees, and using seasonal colors and moods.

While all of those are genius must-do steps to ensure excellent quality and consumer traffic in your store, you must also incorporate creativity to make your space more inviting and help it stand out. 

Traditional stores are getting modern additions to stand out and be more in tune with modern marketing techniques. Traditional stores incorporate new ideas such as inflatable air dancers, billboards with different creative texts, radio messages, etc. 

Focusing on one of the modern advertising techniques that traditional stores must include in their general marketing is custom air dancers that will attract customers and increase foot traffic to the store. Once buyers see an inflatable air dancer outside your store, they will enter in a great mood, ensuring one or two additional items are on their carts.

The way stores are typically designed is fantastic; however, store owners must step out of their comfort zone and create something new.

The traditional settings of stores are significant. That is how stores have been operating for decades and decades. Proven methods are always the way to go.  

For instance, one thing that stores do is the following; if you are expecting to find a jacket in a specific area, you are going to walk there because that is what you know, and once you get there, you will discover a dress that you like, and make an additional purchase alongside the jacket.

However, making more purchases and maintaining more consumers will only last a while. Your store’s aura also has to be inviting for you to get chances of consumers staying longer and eventually returning. 

This is where creativity kicks in. Imagine a consumer is making the same purchase but comes across an inflatable air dancer at the dressing aisle that will guide them to decide with helpful advice.

This ensures more consumer traffic and a better consumer experience, which they value most when going on a shopping adventure. 

So, how do you introduce inflatable air dancers to your stores?

The size of the inflatable air dancers makes it possible to use them both outside and inside.

Say, you are operating a furniture store. You can benefit from numerous techniques when using inflatable air dancers. 

First, two inflatable air dancers can stand near the entrance, welcoming your guests to the store. They do not even have to say a word. Just the idea of them will put your potential buyers in such a great mood that they will enter your store with great expectations.

Of course, you must meet those expectations with your products, but that is not all. Suppose your consumer plans to purchase a couch and sees an inflatable air dancer next to the softest and coziest couch you aim to sell. In that case, their attention will instantly go in that direction and consider a purchase you initiated. 

Inflatable air dancers will create an inviting environment allowing you to gain more consumers.

It is essential to make people welcome when they enter your store. A friendly and genuine welcome provides a feeling of caringness and enables consumers to feel valued and respected.

Your inflatable air dancers will make your consumers feel that they have made the right decision in visiting your store in preference to others. 

Ultimately, you must follow traditional marketing techniques for the initial phases of operating your store. However, after having a solid foundation, thinking about creative means of making your store stand out is essential. This is where inflatable air dancers come to the rescue, bringing more life to your store.

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