Common Whipped Cream Charger Issues and How to Fix It

Making whipped cream by hand has become a thing of the past since the existence of the whipped cream charger. It is a kitchen essential, especially when it concerns desserts.

Whipped cream chargers are steel cartridges that contain nitrous oxide, to give a foamy texture when making whipped cream. The whipped cream chargers work with whipped cream dispensers also known as ‘Siphon’ or ‘Canisters’.

Although it is easy to make whipped cream with these tools, there are some issues people face when using them. Thankfully, these issues can be avoided or fixed in no time.

Here are some simple solutions to common cream charger and dispenser issues.

Metallic Taste in Whipped Cream 

If your whipped cream has a metallic taste in it, there’s a big chance you are using the wrong gas. A cream charger is a steel cylindrical container that has gas stored in it. When the ingredients in the cream dispenser are mixed with this gas, it gives that bubbly light texture we all enjoy in whipped cream.

This important gas is Nitrous Oxide or N20, but sometimes people accidentally use carbon dioxide, which is used in creating soda water. Although it also gives the whipped cream its bubbly consistency, the metallic taste it adds can damage the taste of any dessert.

The easy solution to this is to verify the gas being used and switch to N20.

Stuck Cream 

A few things can cause the cream in the dispenser to get stuck.

First, there might be very little cream left in the dispenser despite how full the canister sounds when shaken. Second, due to over-shaking, the cream may have hardened. Lastly, the canister nozzle may be clogged.

A good quality cream charger could help its user know the level of cream left in the dispenser. At times what is left could be very little, however, to avoid waste you can attach a new cream charger, shake properly, and use every last drop. For hardened cream attaching a new cream charge also solves this problem as more N20 reduces the hardness of the whipped cream. If that does not solve the problem then you might just have to start over.

A clogged nozzle can easily be solved by shaking the canister (gently) again or running it under warm water for a few minutes to remove any small particles.

Watery Whipped Cream 

Watery or runny whipped cream is caused by inconsistent shaking or insufficient shaking before releasing the cream. The more you shake the canister the thicker the cream but be careful, too much shaking will cause it to harden. So shake your canister lightly and check the cream’s thickness till you are satisfied before applying it to your dessert.

Another possible reason for this is a leak in your dispenser or you have a dispenser that needs 2-3 cream chargers to get the right consistency. A simple solution is to make sure your dispenser is closed properly, and not leaking or by verifying the capacity of your dispenser. A 1-liter dispenser might take up to 3 chargers, unlike the half dispenser.

Locked Cream Dispenser

Having a locked cream dispenser is usually caused by the thread at top of the dispenser getting twisted or over-charging the cream dispenser. The best attempt to solve this problem is running the top of the canister under slightly hot water to loosen the head and using a hand towel for a better grip to open it.

If after several attempts, the problem still is not solved, seek professional help to avoid damaging the dispenser or cream charger.

Gas Leak Issue

If the nitrous oxide is escaping from the nozzle, the only solution is to get a new head valve. Except when cleaning, please do not tamper with the head valve as it will limit possible issues.

If the gas leak is coming from where the head and the canister meet, check to make sure your gasket is in place. The gasket is that transparent circular rubber placed between the head and the canister. If you do not have a gasket, get one.

How Many Cream Chargers Do I Use

Knowing how many cream chargers or cartridges to use in your dispenser will help in making delicious whipped cream. Cream dispensers come in different sizes and therefore require different numbers of cartridges.

Half-pint Dispenser needs 1/2 cartridges.

One pint Dispenser needs 1/2 cartridges.

One Quart or One litre dispenser needs 2/3 cartridges.

Also, avoid overcharging and overfilling your cream dispenser to prevent issues.


Using whipped cream chargers are cheap to purchase from places like Cream Charger Warehouse, save a lot of time and energy. However, it could sometimes come with some issues, especially when you’re not conversant with the tool. Understanding how to use the device by reading the manuals will help you prevent issues and make your delicious whipped cream with ease.

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