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Discover the beauty and downsides of platinum wedding bands for the debonair man 

To begin with, platinum is a word you often use for representing the ultimate in exclusivity, luxury, and success. Its white sheen is cool and the metal is hard-wearing and extremely durable. It’s the rarest of the most precious metals and is hypoallergenic. It’s also the costliest metal.

  • The platinum wedding band’s white sheen is ideal for accentuating the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds because it doesn’t any reflection of the color on the stone.
  • Its strength and durability ensure you can wear it on a daily basis. It’s highly stress-resistant and can withstand egregious temperatures.
  • It means platinum bands and jewelry can retain its texture better than the other metals.
  • Unlike other metals, you actually make platinum to withstand wear and tear. Surface scratches cause a patina, which is very desirable to the world.
  • However, you can easily turn this metal to its original state. Since it doesn’t have any nickel, it’s perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • The biggest pitfall of this alluring metal is that its exclusivity and scarcity come at a high price. You can expect to pay at least 25-35% morethan what you’d give for the same setting/composition in gold.

A range of options

The Classic Low Dome Wedding band sells like hot cakes at Epic. Its sleek, plain, and timeless. The product is perfect for a guy, who wants to flaunt his love for his woman sans making a bold statement.

  • Its traditional smutch renders a subtle look and it’s lightweight and thin. The wedding band is very popular with men due to the paucity of diamonds. Hence, it seamlessly blends with a man’s style without interrupting your daily routine.
  • You can also choose the Split or double men’s wedding band. If you want to make a bigger statement, this product is the one.
  • It’s thicker than its predecessor and features dual high polish divisions or splits that create a minute detailing in a plain piece.
  • This wedding band takes covers the skin significantly, allowing you to make your statement without the diamonds’ expense.
  • Satin bands are lightweight and carved. The thickness is similar, featuring carved patterns on the rich satin finish.
  • It enhances the detailing. These wedding bands are subtler because they don’t match the shine of other similar products.

To get a bolder look, go for the dual color, carved dome men’s band. The mil grain patterns separate the metal tones to create a stunning, yet classic style. This wedding band has room for customization and uniqueness as you can pick and choose your favorite metals.

Comparison with gold

The primary physical characteristic that distinguished platinum and gold is color. While gold is naturally yellow, platinum is naturally white. White gold might have an uncanny resemblance with platinum, but the rhodium plating in the former will deplete and fade over time, creating a yellowing patch or tinge.

In terms of durability, platinum is certainly more durable due to its chemical structure and extreme density. For instance, its prongs hold its center stone, which is not vulnerable to breaking. You will not find this quality in a gold band or engagement ring.

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