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Fantastic Blonde Hair Ideas to Experiment With

Hair trends are changing so fast that at times it is hard to point out what has become an anti-trend right now and what has made its way back in. One thing remains unchanged – blonde hair color remains popular no matter what, but the tints and tones changed.

Some of you may remember that time when the dirty blonde was considered to be of poor taste, and women all over the globe tried their best not to experiment with it at all. However, times have changed, and as Glaminati states, blonde hair is at the top of hair fashion charts once again. Taking all that into consideration, we decided to have a closer look at what defines this hair color best as well as some intricate ways that you can implement it into your personal style.

Defining Blonde Shade

It is true that the name of the hair trend may be somewhat unappealing. However, once you dive into the definition of the shade, you will understand that there is nothing wrong with it. Blonde is that one tone that lies in-between regular blonde and brown hair colors. Usually, it is described as a cool tone, but there is a vast number of techniques that can help you turn to the warm side too. Due to the fact that there are so many variations as to how you can enhance and experiment with the hue, it can be easily suited to any texture, length, or complexion. When you think about it – that is quite an advantage over many other hair shades.

Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

As a matter of fact, there is no one-for-all procedure to follow when it comes to implementing blonde hues into your hair. The thing is that you do not necessarily need to dye all of your hair into that one shade, you can always experiment with balayage, more, highlights, lowlights, and whatnot at that point. That is another peculiarity that makes the hair color so popular and the number of variations close to being unlimited.

Blonde Hair Color Maintenance

To put it simply, blonde hair requires a lot less attention when compared to other hues that demand special treatment or regular touch-ups. We have gathered some essential tips for you to consider once you choose your blonde option:

  • Use hair products designed for dyed hair
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water
  • Do not forget about hair masks
  • Use as little heat styling as possible
  • You can optionally use a toning shampoo if needed

Blonde Combos

There are many hues that this blonde shade goes perfectly with. Depending upon your personal taste, style, and preferences, you can choose the one that compliments you best:

Platinum blonde – if you are looking for a trendy way to spice your golden platinum locks up, this may be a great idea to consider

Ginger hair with dirty blonde highlights – at times, transforming your look gradually is the best thing to do. That is when upgrading your red mane with subtle blonde highlights may be a step to take

Blonde ombre – this combo looks especially great on darker manes, it almost looks like your hair naturally grown out into such a fantastic color

Pastel blonde – when you can’t choose whether bright pastel or chic blonde it is the shade that you are looking for, mixing them up may be a great way to go

Blonde Hues Melted

There are so many tasty tints of blonde available that it is heartbreaking to give in to one while leaving the rest out. That is why such a blonde melt is a worthy idea to experiment with. Besides, it looks juicy and ever-changing depending upon the lighting and the style you sport.

Honey And a Dirty Blonde Killer Combo

It is true that going to light or too vibrant is not for all. If you are looking for a gorgeous way to spice your natural locks up, combing dirty blonde and honey hues is a trendy solution to think about!

Champagne Blonde with Greyish Dirty Blonde Highlights  

When you look at this gorgeous style for the first time, it is easy to assume that it is one great hue. However, the longer you look at it, the more obvious the skillful mixture of different colors appears. The interaction between champagne blonde and the dirty blonde is merely fantastic!

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