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How to choose the right engagement ring?

If you are looking forward to shopping for your engagement ring, then this is the right place for you. Purchasing an engagement ring can be an excitement process, however, at the same time, it can be a challenging task. It is a significant expense and therefore, you want to ensure that it is done right.

This article will take you through the different factors that must be considered before purchasing an engagement ring. It will help you purchase the perfect ring for your engagement which sets perfectly on your partner’s hand.

1. Figure out the shape

The first and foremost thing to consider is the shape of the stone which will be placed on the ring. Shape is also known as the cut. Depending on the cut, the price will be determined. Round shapes are normally the most expensive cut. However, it looks better as well. Nevertheless, if you are short on budget, then you will have to go for an alternative shape.

2. Choose a metal

The metal is for the band of the ring. Conventionally, all the engagement rings are made from white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver. However, recently, rose gold is being used by many people. It has been an ideal alternative recently. Depending on the metal you use, the final price of the ring will be determined. Platinum is the most expensive metal of all. Stones can also be placed in the band.

3. Get the right measurements

A lot of people get their rings just to find out that the measurements are not correct. This can be the biggest nightmare. This is why you need to get the correct measurements. The ring fingers should be measured properly. Bad measurement can risk the possibility of the ring falling down. If you want to be very sure about the measurement, you must get a cheap casual ring before purchasing the engagement ring.

4. Purchase certified

Purchasing an engagement ring can be extremely expensive. Thus, you must take your time to smartly shop. Therefore, you should make sure that you are purchasing a certified stone. This should be certified from an accredited laboratory. If you are purchasing a stone from an uncertified entity, you can get inflated grades. This can give the customer a false sense of what they have bought. The price that you would be charged would be much higher but in fact, the actual value would be really low.

5. Negotiate

This is something that a lot of people do not do. Not negotiating can be a big mistake. You must negotiate at all times. Engagement rings are priced much beyond their production rate. This means that there is room for negotiation. Do your research and do not be afraid to negotiate. Form a budget and thereafter, be ready for the negotiation. This will help you to save  a great deal of money. However, make sure that in such negotiation, you do not tend to compromise on the quality of the ring.

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