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Discover the Best Word Counting Tool For Your Needs

Word counting is a necessary part of the trade when it comes to being a writer. For most writers who work in the industry, content writing is a big part of their life. Writing blogs, and creating Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts all revolve around specific word count goals.

Knowing how to communicate within a certain amount of words is one of the skills of the game, but this doesn’t just apply to those who are creating a career out of writing. Students also have to craft their content around specific word counts oftentimes, and sometimes this can be one of the most challenging aspects of an assignment.

One of the best ways to help you grow as a writer is to use tools that get you familiar with specific word counts. While most word processors have the ability to show you a specific word count, often times this is all these functions do.

A tool that will help you get comfortable writing specific volumes, and improve your quality of writing is something that the creators of The Word Counter wanted to make available to everyone. This tool is completely free and will improve every aspect of your writing quality, proficiency, and confidence.

Here is everything you need to know about the best word counting tool on the internet.

Word Counting With Ease

The first thing you want to look for when looking for a word counting tool, is how easy it is to use? An online tool should be easy to navigate, straightforwardly forward, and completely transparent. One of the best things about The Word Counter is that it was designed with your convenience in mind.

No confusing landing page, no frills or thrills, just a simple, satisfying aesthetic design that puts your content front and center. Whether you are creating your content on The Word Counter itself, or you simply want to copy and paste it to get the analysis, the text box is front and center. Not only that, but useful information is immediately visible including word count, character count, sentence count, paragraph, and page count.

More Than Just a Word Counter

As was mentioned above, most word processors naturally have a word counting function baked into them. So why leave your Google, Microsoft, or Pages document, navigate to a third-party site, and then go through the hassle of getting what could be the exact same information?

With The Word Counter, you’re never just getting what you could have gotten on your preferred word processor, you’re always getting more. Using this tool will not only give you the counts that you need, but it also gives you a depth analysis of keyword saturation, grammar and spelling check that goes further than most native grammar checks, and an estimated reading time.

Not only that, but it’s built from the ground up to be useful to content writers who need to hit specific words, and character counts. That’s why you’ll naturally see Facebook, Twitter, and Google meters showing you how close your content is to each platform’s limitation.

Your Hub For Bettering Your Writing Skills

Writing is a lifelong journey that you will always be improving in. The Word Counter doesn’t just give you in-depth analytics on your content, but it can also provide you with supplemental material to help increase your knowledge.

Grammar is tricky, and the English language has no lack of rules that are hard to implement and get straight. With hundreds of blog posts tackling some of the most common grammatical and literary problems in the industry, The Word Counter can be a source of continued education for you.

Why Should You Use The Word Counter?

If there’s one thing that’s true about writing, it’s that there is power in the edits and re-edits. No matter how far you advance in your writing journey there is always room for improvement, and no matter the writer, revisions are going to be a big part of your process. The Word Counter is a no-hassle way of getting quick, accurate analysis of several aspects of your content. Page, character, sentence, paragraph, and keyword data show up in real-time as you write, or instantly if you simply want to check it over with a quick copy and paste.

This information, along with the tools that help copywriters and digital marketers, by instantly showing common web standards like Facebook, Twitter, and Google requirements make this hub like no other.


The Word Counter is a tool that can help you develop the skill you need to become comfortable and proficient at specific word counting goals. Not only that, but it comes with an entire sweet of other incredible, and helpful features that will help propel you forward in your writing career.

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