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Why Do Most Engineering Students Go For MBA

Going for a post-grad. course is mostly to have more authority in your field of work. But off late this is not the ground reality. In India, a major percentage of Engineers opt for an MBA rather than M.TECH. The reason is simply that is better career growth. Indian market is such for the last 10-15 years. The techno-management grad. is preferred everywhere in India. So let us discuss the reasons for more and more Engineers opting for MBA.

1. To Jump Ahead In The Corporate Ladder

One of the major reasons that Engineers choose to go for an MBA is because it helps to climb the corporate ladder faster. Organizations look for people who can efficiently take up roles like Product Manager. An MBA graduate with technical knowledge of the product is surely the best person for the role. Similarly, there are many such roles where a techno-management person is the best option.

2. To stand out of the crowd

15 Lakh students complete Engineering every year in India. The technical university of the state of U.P(AKTU) alone produces 1.5 lakhs Engineers every year. AKTU conducts yearly exam called UPSEE to enroll students in Engineering courses. The competition is very tough to get a job and then successfully move up the corporate ladder. To move ahead of the competition students opt for a postgraduate course. MBA graduates are in demand in the corporate sector and enjoy better perks as well. This demand makes Engineers opt for an MBA course. Unlike Engineering there are lesser MBA colleges of good repute. If you crack the exam and get into one of them then surely you stand ahead of your fellow Engineers.

3. Better and Higher perks

A fresher Engineer in India gets an average package of 3.25 LPA. While a techno-management guy gets an average package of 10 LPA along with assured faster career growth. Most of the students going for an MBA after completing Engineering look to join a good ranked management college. Unlike Engineering the MBA degree is only valuable if done from a good college. So MBA automatically puts you head of many and makes you stand out. Hence the higher package.

4. To give another chance to Career

As already discussed in one of the previous sections, India produces 15 lakh Engineers every year. Not all of them get a comfortable job. The competition is tough the jobs are less and every time you do not strike the best. So it is all about hard work as well as destiny and luck. The trend suggests that if students do not get a job of their expectations they tend to go for higher studies, mostly MBA. This gives them another opportunity to enhance their career and move ahead as per their own expectations.

5. Overall Personality Development:

Engineering does not offer a lot of chances to engage in personality development programs. Whereas MBA is equipped with courses that not only educates a person but also creates an atmosphere where they can develop their personalities as well, and people with better personalities have higher chances of bagging a higher position job without any questions asked. And MBA helps in doing that.

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