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EPFO Unified Member Portal – At a Glance

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is essentially a statutory body that’s registered under the purview of the Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. The said organization is responsible for administering the provident fund scheme, insurance scheme, and pension scheme for those working in different sectors.

On the other hand,  the EPFO Unified Portal monitors employee contributions to the provident funds. In case of employees, a company with a strength over 20 employees must register with EPFO, whereas employees who draw a salary of more than Rs. 15000 or lower must register with an EPF account.

Since one can access their EPF accounts via EPFO Unified Member Portal, it’s crucial that you ensure to explore it and know more about its features, offerings, and steps to access.

However, before diving into the detail of the EPF account, here’s a brief note of how the scheme works and more

How does EPF work?

Both employees and employers make equal contributions toward the EPF scheme. Once an employee retires, he/she is entitled to get the accumulated sum of money plus interest.

They both contribute 12% of their basic salary to the employee’s EPF. Notably, the employee’s contribution goes to the EPF account, whereas the employer’s 12% goes to the employee’s pension scheme (8.33%) and EPF account (3.67%).

That said, let’s check the detail of the EPFO portal and related features.

EPFO Portal – In a nutshell

There are several portals on the official site of the EPFO. Employers and employees are allowed to log in and manage their accounts through the portal. Employees can also make partial withdrawals and perform transactions through the portals.

Here’s a list of the most popular portals on the website:

EPFO Member Unified Portal

One can log in to the EPFO Unified Member Portal to track and manage their account. However, to access their EPF account, they will need to enter their username and password. Notably, following the first login, users can change their ID and password. In case they forget the login password, they can use the Forget Password link and follow the required steps to reset the password. Notably, the EPFO Unified Member Portal will send the new password via an SMS to the registered mobile number. Individuals can choose to click on the ‘Employer Sign In’ link for the same to log in.

If at any time, you are locked out of your EPF account for entering a wrong password repeatedly, then you can use the ‘Unlock Account’ link. Besides these, you will also find the following key links on the EPFO Unified Member Portal –

  1. Common ECR (EPFO and ESIC)
  2. Common Registration Under (EPFO and ESIC)
  3. Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojna (PMPRY)
  4. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
  5. Employer Registration
  6. Shram Suvidha Portal
  7. Uncovered Principal Employer Registration
  8. Uses of EPFO Member Portal

Individuals can use their EPFO Unified Member Portal portal to access and manage their EPF accounts. They can use the portal to manage the following –

  • EPF Accounts
  • EPF Passbook
  • EPF Balance Check
  • Update KYC
  • Service Details
  • EPF Passbook
  • Download UAN Card
  • Submit Online Claims

Notably, one can use the portal only if they have activated their UAN and password. This is because, without the UAN, an EPFO Unified member can’t log in to the portal.

In case an EPFO Unified member does not have a UAN number, they can click on the ‘Activate UAN’ link. If they have forgotten the UAN number, they can use the ‘Know Your UAN’ link.

  • EPFO Member Home

Registered EPFO Unified Member Portals can log in to their account through the EPFO Member Home. They will need to provide their UAN number along with the password to access and view their EPF details. Notably, all individuals can use just one mobile number for registration. Though one can access their EPF passbook via the EPFO Unified Member Portal home, the facility is not extended to those exempt under the EPF scheme 1952.

Benefits of EPFO Unified Portal

The EPFO Unified Portal extends multiple services to EPF account holders through which they can easily manage their EPF accounts. Most of the following services aim to help you save time and make the task of managing your account convenient and hassle-free:

  • Check PF Balance and Statement

The EPFO Unified Member Portal Unified Portal lets you check your EPFO balance, and it also helps you with EPF account statements and passbook balances on the portal itself.

  • Online Claim Submission

Members can also help submit their claims online through the EPFO Unified Member Portal. However, there are a few Withdrawal Claim Rules that members should know to keep the process hassle-free.

  • Download UAN Card

Individuals can also download a UAN card through the same portal. They can easily download it after following a few basic steps mentioned on the portal without visiting the EPFO establishment.

  • Uploads Documents

Individuals can also complete or update their KYC online through the portal. All they need to do is upload the required documents online on the EPFO Unified Member portal, and this will ensure a quick and hassle-free update and eliminate the need to go to the EPF establishment.

  • Link Aadhaar to the EPF Account

If one hasn’t linked their Aadhaar with their EPF account, they can quickly initiate it through the Member Unified portal. The service is available 24*7, and the entire process is carried out online and hence, saving time and energy.

  • File E-Nomination

An EPFO account holder is required to file a nomination so that their nominee can claim the EPFO fund in case of their unfortunate death. To ensure this, the accountholder has to file an e-nomination through the portal in simple steps.

This is why EPFO Unified Member Portal is crucial for EPF members, and they must ensure to know more about its services and other offerings to make the most of the website. A fair idea of the website and its offering will allow members to access their accounts and find the required information easily.

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