Essay on Sociology : Purpose & Meaning of Sociology (SHORT)

Essay on Sociology: Sociology in simple words signify the study of society. It is the study of human social life. The sociologists study people because they are the ones who create groups and have interaction with one another. Auguste Comte is regarded as the father of sociology. His interest in sociology came after he saw the changes that occurred in the society after the French revolution and also the Industrial Revolution.

The French revolution began in 1789. There was a change in the class of people. The wealthy or the aristocratic families started losing their money and status. But on the other hand, the peasants started becoming richer. They stood in the most influential position in the society. And it’s almost the same with the Industrial Revolution. Comte looked at both the events and tried to make sense out of it. According to Comte, on studying the society, one has to follow certain procedures which are now known as ‘scientific methods’. This is how the subject sociology has got a complete base.

Essay on Sociology

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Essay on Sociology


Sociology is the study of human social life. The word sociology was stemmed from a Latin word ‘Societus‘ which signify society and the Greek word ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’. Therefore on combining the two, it’d be ‘the study of society’. Sociology is important because it helps to analyze or find out the problems or emerging issues in the society.

Sociology can be studied through three aspects:

  1. Sociology relation with other Social Sciences.
  2. Sociology and Common Sense.
  3. Sociology as a Science.

Sociology Relationship With Other Social Sciences: Every field of study is said to have linkage with other branches of knowledge. Likewise, Sociology also has relations with other social sciences. Sociology is said to have a close relationship with these five essences:

  • Relationship of Sociology with Anthropology
  • Relationship of Sociology with Political Science
  • Relationship of Sociology with Psychology
  • Relationship of Sociology with Economics
  • Relationship of Sociology with History

Anthropology is the study of individual cultures rather than analyzing the entire society. Political science is related to the governance of the state. The knowledge of sociology is a must for the ones who are into political science because without studying the society the governance cannot be done. Economics focuses on the production, consumption, and distribution of a society. The Social relationships are corresponding to economic relations. Due to these close relations, Economics is treated as a division of sociology.

Psychology is the science of mind. Both sociology and psychology employ scientific methods of study. They are too closely related. Lastly, history studies about the human existence and the past happenings. History is being studied from the viewpoint of sociology. As a result, we can say that Sociology is related to other social sciences.

Essay on Sociology

Sociology and Common Sense: Common sense is the routine sense of knowledge which is taken for granted. It is basically the ability to perceive, understand or judge things that are shared by almost all the people. And it is expected from all the people without the need for debate. Some of the examples of common sense are:

  • Not smoking in the public.
  • A teacher teaching sociology is expected to learn sociology.
  • In a line, one coming new should stand at the end etc.

Stereotypes in Sociology: Stereotypes is basically the inclination towards the negative sense of knowledge. Or when a simple remark is converted to a negative notion, it is called a stereotype. For example: When someone finds a man cooking food then his/her mind tends to be stereotyped.

Sociology as a Science: We know from Auguste Comte and Emily Durkheim that sociology is a ‘positivistic science’. It is actually the analysis of the social facts that we see around us. According to the positivists, there is an external reality to every individual. Positivist sociologists basically favor quantitative methods and data forms. Seeing the similarities with science, it can be believed that sociology is a science.

Perspectives of Sociology:

There are three perspectives of sociology: Functionalism, Conflict, and Symbolic Interactionism. The term “sociological perspective” may also be reciprocated with “model.” In short, a sociological perspective or model implies a presumption made about society.

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