Flowers For Engagement

Engagement is an important event that traditionally cannot do without flowers. Which bouquet to choose for this special occasion? How to make it so that he made a proper impression on the girl and was remembered by her? Let’s figure out together where to order international flower delivery for engagement.

What flowers to choose for an engagement bouquet?

An engagement bouquet is not just a gift or a sign of attention. It can be used to judge how much the groom is aware of the tastes of his beloved, how seriously he takes this event, how generous he is. The best choice for an engagement bouquet is the bride’s favorite flowers. It can be as classic roses of her favorite variety or shade, spectacular orchids, stylish hydrangeas, romantic anemones or cute wildflowers in a modern setting.

Flowers are perfect for this occasion:

  • peonies;
  • eustoma;
  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • alstromerias;

An engagement bouquet should be stylish, elegant, spectacular. The bouquet will certainly remain in the memory of the bride, so the choice should definitely be approached consciously. With a favorable outcome of the event, the couple will still have many occasions and holidays, but the engagement happens once. Large bouquets always look colorful and presentable, which look luxurious not only live, but also on memorable photos from the engagement.

Flower arrangement design for engagement

The design of the flower arrangement should be stylish, modern. Bouquets with a dense flower dome are perfect for these purposes: such options look impressive and colorful. Moreover, the dome does not have to be made of flowers of the same type: these can be works with a complex design, in which many plants are harmoniously combined.

Bouquets of unusual shapes look elegant. Such compositions always attract attention and are remembered. To create the most complex structures, florists can use special frames, bases, additional elements, on which buds are then placed. If there is a desire to use a heart theme in a bouquet, it can also be beaten using the frame technique.

Volumetric compositions in hat boxes or wicker baskets are also perfect for an engagement bouquet. Such options look solid due to their impressive dimensions, and will please themselves for a long time, reminding of a solemn event. You can order such flowers online without even leaving your home.

Engagement bouquet color combinations

There is no single rule and cannot be. If a girl loves red, give her a huge bouquet of red roses, if she is impressed by delicate compositions, pay attention to options from peonies, hydrangeas. In general, the engagement is associated with the upcoming wedding celebration, so more often bouquets are chosen for it in nude, pastel colors:

  • delicate shades of pink;
  • cream;
  • lilac;
  • pale blue.

Bouquets made in monochrome look relevant and stylish today: when flowers that are very similar in shade are selected for the composition. In this case, the design should clearly match the chosen color. As a result, the composition looks harmonious and elegant.

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