Role of the Internet in Your Academic Performance

Role of the Internet – The times that we live in, we need the Internet for everything in our life. You name it and the Internet has it covered. The Internet has become an amenity that people from all generational groupings of this contemporary Digital Age are dependent on. And in many instances, this dependence has become over-dependence and overreliance, which is another debate.

But generally, we essentially need the Internet whether we need it for entertainment, with innumerable entertainment forums and sites on the Internet, where you can stream stuff online and catch viral content on, or it’s about other utilities such as official commitments, traveling, educational research ventures, and so many other things. Get in touch with prism tv for one of the best Internet services and customized packages that fit your connectivity needs comprehensively.

The Internet has largely aided the current educational system. It is the next new channel for innumerable scholarly resources. It has a great deal of content and massive quantities of information that is relevant to almost all possible fields of knowledge and is quite reliable as well. The users are well-aware about how to use that information and avail the best benefits of it. This is exactly why people have ensured subscriptions to the Internet in every single household.

The unbelievable growth in the telecommunications has revolutionized online services, and specialized Web pages, electronic networks, E-mail, global and software information resources to not only our homes but also to education. Let’s discuss this further.

Internet and Education Today

The planet Earth has about 2.4 billion residents approximately, and interestingly, over 70 percent of them have access to the Internet, if not more than at least once in a day. According to Internet world statistics, this equals to a 144 billion Electronic mails sent per 24 hours. Internet started off as a hobby for a handful of computer literates but now it has evolved as a way of life and an essential amenity for people across the globe.

Talking about the Education field, students enjoy the opportunity to avail the benefit of the Internet-based forums and sites that aid in their scholarly research. They can easily obtain and seek the scholarly material that pertains to their research and make use of it effectively.

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Forums like Google are full of information on every possible thing that a student may be researching on. Generally, students prefer electronic sources over the paper sources and books, because they find them more convenient perhaps. According to a survey, around 50% of all sorts of scholarly publications and theses were found to be obtained from the amenity of the Internet.

Is Relying on Online Research Healthy?

There is no doubt in the fact that the Internet is a revolutionary amenity that has facilitated our educational research ventures to a whole new level and has given us the ease and convenience of finding the relevant material on the Internet. But search engines like Google have answers to every query and every research that a student would want to make. This so-called facility has made students convenience-seekers and they look for short-cuts and easy ways out, which is not healthy.

Modern students of this contemporary Age have begun to over-rely on the Internet for all their educational and academic research pieces, and that too from a very early age. Exposure to gadgets and Internet from a very early age make them run away from hard work and researching via harder modes. No wonder the libraries are found vacant and students, as well as people, generally have quitted the healthy habit of book-reading. Students have become largely dependent on targeted searches about the assignment, task, or thesis on hand and they don’t focus on increasing their knowledge generally.

The incredible habit of book-reading should be brought back to our lives and teachers and parents should try and encourage their children to start reading again and spend lesser time on the gadgets. Because books have no replacement whatsoever.


Striking the right balance is the key to success. We definitely cannot completely stop using the Internet and neither we can boycott it. So yes, we do need the Internet for our educational research and it is necessary for our effective academic performance. But book-reading shouldn’t be replaced by the Internet-based forums and sites. For providing the best quality Internet to your family, search ‘tds internet prices’ on your browser and avail the benefit of the carefully-designed, convenient packages for your academic research ventures.

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