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How do online gamers make money?

Playing games has always been for leisure. That fun activity you do to relax and take your mind of anything but winning that game or even a way by which we hang out with friends as we compete for who would have the highest scores, find the hidden treasure, take out most enemies or even win an online gaming tournament. Right now, gaming isn’t all about leisure, you can actually make money doing it. You could decide to be a full-time gamer, or you could game on the side along your regular lifestyle but remember when it becomes a kind of job, it might no longer be as interesting as it once was when you played just for fun.

There are some great websites or gaming themes where you could game on the weekend plus the best place to sell csgo skins 2019 e.g., if you want or even after a day at work but when you decide to make it a full-time job, here are some ways by which online gamers make money.

Game Tournaments

Competitive games where there is prize money to be won is a good way to earn money playing games online. There are a lot of popular make money games out there that have tournaments with a prize pool. What you need to do is to promote yourself a serious gamer so you would have the opportunity to be featured in these tournaments. The catch here is to be smart about the game tournaments you take part in. Some might be fraudulent with the promise of big winnings which the gamer never sees.

Make money by streaming your Gameplay live

The way you make money here is through advertising, subscriptions, donations or any other means. Stream your gameplay for your audience and you can earn some income doing so. Although it is easier said than done. The reason is, getting a huge audience might be a challenge. There has to be some interesting content that brings visitors to come watch you play like jokes, funny stories, talk about your pet who you suspect is a super hero, just allow your great personality shine through. You might not get a lot of visitors when you begin but if you promote yourself professionally, you are bound to increase your audience over time and earn some good income.

Write about Gaming and Games

Cover the latest video game news about the gaming world, create a digest that readers can subscribe to for a fee, write up reviews on new games, do interviews with popular gamers which you can share with your readers. Every aspect of life has topics related to it that can be written about and gaming is no exception. Collect all the enticing facts about the gaming industry or the different games there are, and let your readers know what to expect. Gamers do this also because they are ultimately the best people to give reviews, latest trends in games and earn some income.


Gamers make money here through creating a sort of game-related show that is aimed at entertaining your audience. You can make it a tutorial with a step-by-step process of how your audience can navigate through the games they are interested in. Walk them through the game, teach them the tricks to beat various levels and earn points etc. Then challenge here is growing and keeping an audience that would be loyal to you podcast. You can achieve this by making sure your videos are of a high quality, the information your pass across to your audience is top-notch and engaging. If you don’t do this, your audience would definitely head towards another podcaster.

Sell your game characters and play games for money

For advanced gamers who have taken their characters to the highest level, use it to make money. Once you have developed the character from different games, feel free to sell your accounts to other people. There are various games that allow you sell your characters.

Professional Gaming Guides to earn money

Newbies to the world of gaming are on the hunt for guides that would make them reach the top of their gaming goals. So, the best thing for you to do is to create a full and enhanced guide for them and make money doing so. It can come in the form of a gaming blog, video tutorial or an e-book. The catch here is you have to be a real expert in those games before you create guides. A great strategy here is to create a walk through for popular games so you can have high sales. The other catch here is, if the game is really popular, a lot of other experts would write guides so make yours stand out by investing seriously in writing up some great content which would beat the competition.

Test Games

No matter how great a game developer you are with that dream of creating a hassle-free game with no errors or bugs, there is the possibility of errors or bugs in the game. So, game developers create a Beta test of their games which the hire gamers to test for them. This is one of the top ways which gamers make money. They test run the games for the developers, write up reports and feedbacks to the creators, so they can fix whatever bugs or anomalies before the release of the game to the public. There is a lot of work involved here before you can actually get these jobs, so the pay isn’t fantastic. Get the big game companies and you would be on your way to earning some good money.

Online gamers earn money also by selling their csgo skins to the best places to sell csgo skins in 2019 and get paid. There are different ways by which you can make gaming a means of income and not just as a hobby. Thinking of taking gamin full-time? Make some money by following the above ways. if you want or even after a day at work but when you decide to make it a full-time job, here are some ways by which online gamers make money. Note that you can also make money with tabletop games too, by selling things like DnD Gifts.

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