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How to Log into Someone’s Snapchat without Them Knowing

You might be wondering, “Why do people want to stalk each other on Snapchat?”. Well, people do have their own needs. If your spouse starts acting suspiciously, surely you want to check what’s happening with them. So, how to log into someone’s snap without them knowing? See the best solutions here:

The Best Method to Spy on Snapchat

A solution on how to log into someone’s Snapchat without a password might be the use of physical access to the target phone, which really takes much effort and bravery. If you want to stalk someone, indeed, this way isn’t approachable.

So, another solution is required, and it’s by using a spy software android or iphone-compatible. When typing the exact keyword, you’ll see lots of apps available to download. The one we highly recommend is mSpy. By using mSpy, you may have a chance to obtain important information, such as:

  • The person who received and sent messages to your spouse;
  • See the images, music, and other kinds of media put within the chats;
  • Know what images have been deleted (and restore them).

Remember, mSpy isn’t only effective for Snapchat; it’s also usable for tracking other chatting apps as well, including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Line, and even Tinder.

Free Methods to Spy on Snapchat

Surely, if you want to obtain useful information, you need to log into Snap. However, if the method above is pricey for you, opt for the other free methods, although please note that these methods are not as secretive as mSpy.

1 – Using Browser Passwords Manager

Before getting someones Snapchat password, you can also try to obtain their browser password. However, this method requires physical access to the target phone; it’s the only thing you can do. Usually, users will let their browsers save all the necessary passwords.

In order to know those passwords, you need to open the browser settings and navigate to Auto Fill. There you can find a list of usernames and passwords for various websites.  Simply look for the Snapchat password. Additionally, If you want to learn how to hack Snapchat, you can use some apps.

2 – Recover media from iCloud

“If I log into someone’s Snapchat will they know?” It actually depends on what kind of method you are using. If you use the secretive method through monitoring apps, they will not know about it since you already set things beforehand.

However, if they get caught, they possibly erase all the images or videos from their devices. In order to know what kind of file has been erased, you can recover the media using the iCloud function.

Fortunately, the iPhone is already equipped with a feature to recover newly deleted media. If the file you want to recover is an image, you may freely look it up in the Photos app. Notice a special folder there; this folder contains all the deleted images. The deleted pictures will stay inside the folder for up to 30 days before all of them are cleaned by the system.

If you’ve found the pictures, simply select Recover to move the files back into the Photos app.

3 – Recover media via File Manager on Android

Logging into someones Snapchat can also be done on Android. To recover deleted files, the method is just the same as on the iPhone above. If an image is deleted, it will be stored in a temporary folder before actually being deleted for real.

This folder will contain deleted files previously removed from the File Manager. If your spouse supposedly deleted the suspicious images, you can try to recover them back by accessing the cache.

First, try to open File Manager and open the Android folder. Click Data, and then locate the folder for Snapchat. Once you find it, open the Cache folder and see all previously deleted media.


And that’s how you can sneak into someone’s Snapchat. As you can see, you may have different ways to access someone’s Snapchat. However, in order to be safe and stay secretive, we highly recommend using mSpy, a monitoring app that has a lot of functionalities that may help you to uncover what’s hidden.

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