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How proxies help us stay safe on the Internet

The more people use technologies, the more used they get to some benefits. But sometimes, the tools are underestimated due to myths, popular opinions, and the most frequent use cases. The situation with proxy servers is very similar. What features do proxy servers have, and where to find a reliable India VPN online? SOAX suggests.

It’s not only for avoiding blocks

People often use proxies to avoid blocks on websites and reach the desired info from another country’s IP. But mostly, they do not think about how exactly the process happens, which is the reason people ignore other advantageous features of this technology. 

The proxy server stands between the user and a web host and serves as a filter yet a modifier for the data that passes along. To describe the process more specifically, the sequence includes five steps as follows:

  1. A user wants to find information, taps a request in the search bar, and presses enter. It sends another type of request to the web host. It contains the data about the device IP, the contents of a request, etc. 
  2. A proxy gets this request first. It analyses IP, changes or hides it, encrypts the info, and sends the modified request forward.
  3. A web host receives the request and provides the required information with the response that it sends back to the user.
  4. A server again gets this data first to analyze and filter the data. It helps save a user’s device from affecting by malicious data or software. 
  5. A user finally gets the response. 

If something goes wrong, the sequence is interrupted and the user sees a corresponding message.

The best features of proxy servers

Due to the data that the proxy server analyses and modifies, people can use them for the following purposes:

  • To control online activities. It applies to the staff, for example, if you’re a business owner and you want to exclude cyberloafing and improve productivity.
  • To speed up the network connection. As proxies use the cache, they optimize sending the requests to the web servers, which unloads the channels. 
  • To provide more anonymity. Applied to business, you may need this feature to collect information about the market, your competitors, or for similar tasks. 
  • To guarantee better security. As the proxy servers encrypt the data, they are safer from theft, selling, and other harmful use.
  • To make banned sources available. It is helpful in international work and communication.

In brief, proxy servers help us supervise, stay safe, keep activities private, and visit blocked hosts. Combining these features, you can use them to make your work in various business spheres more productive. 

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