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How to Choose the Right Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are all the rage right now as they give women 24/7 flawlessness of perfect lashes, usually only achieved on a night out of glam or just a really good makeup day. Thanks to the semi-permanence of lash extensions, these lashes allow for the no-maintenance “I woke up like this” beauty that so many crave. However, upkeeping lash extensions and regularly seeing a lash technician is a commitment many women may not have the budget or patience to maintain. Not to fear, if that’s you and you still want the semi-permanence of extensions, unlike the false strip lashes you buy at the drug store, there are other options for you. Many women choose to buy a DIY eyelash extension kit, so they can have the convenience of lash extensions when they want them and at a more affordable price.

Whatever you decide is the best fit for your lifestyle, choosing the right eyelash extensions can be daunting because there are so many options. It’s essential to be familiar with a few key terms and processes that way, when you go to the salon or order a kit, you know exactly what you’re asking or looking for. Not to worry, we’ve done all the research and compiled it so your experience can be as flawless and fabulous as your lashes.

Choosing the Length Of Your Eyelash Extensions 

Choosing the wrong length of lashes is a mistake far too many women make. If you get too long lashes, they can end up feeling massively uncomfortable or simply having you bat your heavy eyelids in a way that is simply not natural. It’s important to note that most lash techs don’t recommend you go 3 to 5 millimeters over your natural lashes. Most lash lengths begin at 5 millimeters and extend on from there.

Choosing The Fullness Of Your Eyelash Extensions

The most essential terms to know when discussing your options with your lash tech is knowing the vocabulary of lash fullness and what to ask for.  This list starts with the most natural of looks and progresses to the most dramatic lash extension look.

  1. Classic Lashes 

The classic application is when your lash tech applies an individual lash to your natural eyelash. Having each of your natural lashes accounted for creates the most natural look out of all the different types of extensions. It allows for an elevated, lengthened look that most classicly resembles your natural eye line.

  1. Hybrid Lashes 

The most in-between option of Classic and Volume lashes, the Hybrid Model relies on a combination of individual lashes and fans of lashes to create a unique blend for your eye line. This mixture is suitable for those who want a more natural look than the Volume Lash route, but a little more of dramatic change than the Classic Lash route can provide.

  1. Volume Lashes

Sometimes referred to as Fan Lashes, volume extensions utilize a handmade fan of at least two plus lashes to adhere to your natural eyelash. This expansion in the number of your natural lashes being represented creates a more voluminous, full, luscious look. These fans work with a two-to-one ratio (sometimes more) of multiple lashes up against the natural lash. Lash techs refer to these fans with the number of lashes per bundle, starting with 2D (two lashes) through 6D (six lashes). You will most commonly see lash techs use 2D and 3D for their Volume Lash clients.


Choosing the Curl Shape Of Your Eyelash Extensions

It’s essential to know about the various eyelash extension curl types. Many online resources have great diagrams that can give you a visual image of this, but for now, here’s what you should know.  The L curl is the most dramatic and voluminous of the curl shapes as the curl starts straight from the base. The D shape is next in line as far as dramatic shapes go, as this curve resembles the shape of a semi-circle. The C curl fits almost any eye shape, making it a popular option. It can be described as natural and is great if you’re pursuing a more open and complete. A little less curved than the C curl, the B curl is the most natural-looking curl and is great for anyone with naturally straighter lashes who wants some additional looking. The J curl is even less curled than the B curl and is great for anyone looking for some length without it looking too voluminous.


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