How to create the perfect space for a home movie theatre

When attempting to upgrade aspects of your current home, the options can be endless. One project we have found particularly popular within the recent years is at-home movie theatres that make homeowners and their family’s entertainment facilities go from zero to one hundred. A home cinema area is much different from a standard living room space and there are a good few advancements that must be made if you are developing your current sitting area into a movie theatre. As well as this, if you are starting from scratch you have definitely come to the right place as we will list the essentials and ideas to make your space as entertaining as possible.


Lighting is a key element to your home theatre as you must ensure that the lighting mimics that of a public movie theatre. Although your space doesn’t need to be this dark, you should ensure that natural light from outside, alongside light from other rooms, has little opportunity to reflect into this room. This can be difficult for example, if you have chosen to set your entertainment room in a space with large open doors or windows, you want to try your best to invest in black-out curtains or blinds so that the overall screen quality is sufficient. Although darkrooms set tone and ambiance, which is more than perfect for a home movie theatre environment, it is also required as the light will affect the viewing quality, especially if you are opting for a projector as your screen.

Screen type  

So, this now brings us on to choosing what type of screen to purchase for your space. There are two options here, you either choose an LED flat-screen TV or a TV projector and when considering what features you would like your screen to display, this really does need to be taken into account. A flat-screen LED TV can be mounted to the wall perfectly and the professionals at  would be more than happy to assist with this task, however, these screens do tend to be a lot more vibrant in colour and quality than a common movie projector would be. This makes these screens perfect if you have a room that is slightly on the brighter side or a smaller room as the larger the TV, the larger the cost, and you want to make sure that the screen fills up the majority of wall space. The filling of wall space is the reason why most homeowners will opt for a digital projector, they will work out less expensive than a TV and alongside this, the display is a lot bigger and because of their lighting, they are not as straining on the eyes.


You want to ensure that your seating is acceptable for your home movie theatre as comfort is key within this environment. Avoid any sturdy and robust metal kind of seating and try to ensure that you are going for fabric or leather seating that sits at the perfect eye level for viewers to reduce neck strain. Some seating suggestions you could opt for include, classic cinema seating with cupholders in between each seat, love seats, standard 3 or 4 seater sofas, or even beanbag chairs. Depending on the style of your room and the space available to you, you could even incorporate a few different types of seating to provide guests and yourself with variety. Many online retailers offer customised home theatre seating meaning that this furniture can easily be accustomed and designed to your specific wants and needs you can find using your laptop.

Use dark paint  

We would always advise using dark coloured paint when it comes to your home theatre space. Dark paints such as greys, reds, or even black are the perfect colours to paint your space. The walls should never be allowed to overpower the screen and if you consider that screens portray light, light surrounding colours such as white, beige, and light greys are definitely the colours that must be avoided. Also, try to avoid using any textured wallpapers within your room. The walls should be bland so that all attention can be diverted towards the screen, you never want to have too much going on in the one room!


Although speakers may not be the main priority to your home movie theatre, particularly if it is smaller in size and sound is not required to travel, it is important to highlight that these may well be needed. Brands such as Sony and Bose, as well as many others actually offer speakers that are specifically equipped for home theatres and are sure to give viewers the full cinematic experience. Always remember to do your research and visit a store that sells speakers to ensure that they are right for your room size.

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