How to Ensure Your Memories of Festivals & Concerts Are Preserved Forever

For festival lovers everywhere and of any age, the summer is a time for music, drinks, fashion, and spending time with your cherished friends and family members in a dirty tent in the middle of the field,while for others, they simply could not think of anything worse.

If you are firmly part of the former group, then whether you are no longer able to attend festivals due to newer professional and/or personal commitments, or else are simply longing for summer to come back around again and want to be reminded of these memories, then you have certainly clicked on the right article.

Here is how to ensure that your memories of festivals and concerts are preserved forever – physically, as well as in your mind.

Join an Online Forum

Utilizing social media for what it was originally made for, the first suggestion for effective ways of preserving that festival feeling is to join an online forum packed full of like-minded individuals. You can share your memories of your previous experiences and get excited about upcoming festivals, even making new friends in the process.

Even fan pages and twitter feeds of your favorite artists, or the organizers of the next festival you are attending with your friends, will make you feel as if you are involved long after the festival or music concert has ended.

Re-Purpose Your Festival Clothes

A massive part of the festival experience is choosing what to wear for the entire weekend and coordinating your outfits with friends, and if you have been attending such events for many years, your closet is likely full of outdated clothes you would never wear again but also cannot bear to part with.

Contacting an established and reputable innovative business, such as, will mean that you can send your beloved old festival clothes and they can turn them into a unique and beautiful blanket you can keep forever.

Frame Your Concert Tickets

Another, more popular, way to treasure and savor your festival memories is to create a wall montage of all your concert stubs and festival tickets, either framed neatly together, or else in groups of types of festivals.

Combining these concert tickets with group and solo photographs of you and your friends at each festival makes for an eye-catching focal piece on your wall and will brighten your emotions when that year’s festival is just a distant memory.

Have a Festival Themed Wedding

If you and your fiancé are currently planning your wedding day, then if you are a true festival fan and/or concertgoer, why not bring your combined passion into your special day?

From the wedding invitations, which can be styled as festival passes, to special VIP lanyards handed out to each guest as they arrive at the venue, everything can be styled in the festival theme. When it comes to the wedding meal, you could even name each table with a different festival title that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife have attended together.

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