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How to Improve Your Home Security

Your home should be a haven away from the risky and dangerous world. But how safe is your home? It is easy for burglars to break your window glass and gain entry into your home and steal your valuables.

You need to turn your home into a fortress and deter opportunistic looters from accessing your dwelling. Thanks to our comprehensive guideline, you can secure your home today.

Install burglar-proof locks:

Your home security is your first concern when choosing the ideal locks to secure your haven. Go for Mortice locks. These locks feature a bolt that projects inside the door jamb. To open this lock, you’ll need a key. It cannot be broken by breaking a window pane beside the door and turning the knob.

You can also opt for fingertip tresses to keep away intruders. To unlock your door, someone has to program their fingerprints into the system, and you get an alert.

Install an alarm system:

Fix an alarm system in your home. You can either choose between wired or wireless systems. Even though a security alarm system might not keep burglars at bay, it will throw them off guard. And update you when someone is trying to break into your home.

Only 30% of British homes have an installed working alarm system in place. This shows how most homeowners in the UK are not giving home security a priority. Do not be put off by the exorbitant price of an alarm system. It’s worth the purchase if you consider the value of your home appliances.

Use thorny shrubs, hedges, and climbing roses as barriers:

Even though fences, walls, or chain link fencing can be effective solutions to improve your home security, they can also be breached especially if not topped with spikes, wires, or glass among other deterrents.

Chain link fences can be cut with a pocket bolt cutter, and if you have a low wall, it is easy for a burglar to climb across. Various shrubs and trees dampen a burglar’s efforts to go through the barrier. They include whitethorn (Hawthorn), holly, gorse, berberis varieties, and flowering quince (japonica).

The only drawback with prickly hedges is you have to cut them, and the thorns can pierce through gloves.

Fix surveillance systems:

CCTV cameras are ideal solutions to observe people outside your home around the doors or windows. This way, you can keep an eye on any suspicious behavior and call the police in case you suspect you’re in grave danger.

Visible CCTV cameras could deter any potential burglars from approaching your home. But they might indicate you have valuable worth the security and attract smart burglars all together.

Consider small hidden cameras in addition to a digital recording system. Ensure the cameras are of good quality and are capable of taking excellent images. Install them close enough to the doors and windows to record “mug shots” of potential burglars. Also, keep an eye out for any vehicles halting momentarily outside your home.

Keep your travel plans away from social media:

We all love sharing our vacation, work, or holiday plans to foreign places in social media. But next time you want to post that selfie on Instagram while vacationing in the Maldives, you might want to halt the brakes.

When you post your out of town pics, you let people know your property is unoccupied and you attract burglars to your home. If you intend to go out of town, install the necessary security systems and ask a friend to check up.

Limit entry into your property:

Grease or paint downpipes with slippery paint to prevent thieves from climbing them to access your home.

Security comes first, and there is no better way to secure your property than by investing in swing gates and auto sliding gate kits. Automated gates are bulkier than your ordinary gates and come with a double underground gate kit built with precision technology.

They are convenient. With the remote control, you can set the timer on to close the gate or set the alarm to update you when there’s an intruder in your property. They also take up less space compared to traditional gates. And you can customize them to add any extra special security features.

Auto sliding gates are more secure than swing gates because once the gates close and lock on a fixed post you cannot forcefully open them.

Invest in a safe:

Don’t leave your valuables, including jewelry and essential documents lying around. Consider investing in a safe to keep them out of sight in case burglars access your home. Find an ideal size to suit your needs and have it bolted in a secure place inside your home like behind your home library or clothes cabinet. Keep your valuables safe in case of a break in.

Outwit the looters:

Lock windows, draw curtains, and pull blinds when leaving the house. You can also opt for automatic blinds which can be operated remotely with internet access. Turn on the lights, TV, and radio when leaving the house. No one is going to suspect you are away from home.

Also, consider placing motion sensor lights outside your dwelling to deter prowlers. The lights ignite when someone or something enters your yard, enabling to see who’s out there. This is an effective home security tactic to keep away criminals.

You can get a dog or buy an electronic simulator that sounds like a dog barking when someone approaches your home. You can also leave your car in the yard to fool intruders you are home.

Get premium quality homeowners insurance:

Despite burglar proofing your home with all the above recommendations, some disasters are unavoidable. And homeowners insurance like hsa home warranty can help protect your most essential investment and shop around for the best rate, you can check out Emerald Life Insurance for more information.

Disasters such as house fires, break-ins, and natural disasters like hurricanes can strike any time catching you off guard. If you are looking for the ideal homeowners’ insurance, make a list of what coverage is essential and shop around for the best rate.

Bottom line:

Your home should be the safest place on earth you can escape to, and it is crucial you safeguard it from unauthorized access. There are tons of ways to secure your dwellings and protect your family and property.

Stay safe!

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