How to List a House for Rent for Free of Cost

Are you looking for ways to rent 2 BHK flats in Mumbai? Well, today we have listed a variety of different ways which can help you advertise your rental property and that too for free of cost. There are a lot of online rental platforms which allows you to list your property for free.

Moreover, you can choose between different sites, or you can create one website to rent your property. It is being said that to rent a property as soon as possible you need to choose for the services which share your ad with the network of other websites. This particular process allows so many potential renters to see your advertisement and choose your flat or an apartment for free.

So, without wasting time let’s quickly dive in and find out how you can list your property for free and get a renter for your property.

1. Use Free Internet Listing Services

You can rent your house for absolutely free of cost using many online listing services that share your ad with a network of lot other companies. You need to create your listing and publish on those free internet portals to get a renter.

2. Use NoBroker to find a renter

Initiate the listing by opening the official site and select between house or flat whatever you have! Fill up all the details and asked by the website and create your ad.
Do share the pictures of your house or flat so that your renter can see those pictures. Now, if your property is an apartment, provide a picture of the building too.

3. Create your own Website

One of the methods which can help you list a house for rent for free is using your own website to connect with potential tenants. Since you own the site; therefore, you can manage the content. Try to mention all the benefits of your property and include all the testimonials from already living renters.
Try to share your property images with text as it is more appealing to the audience. Mainly, people like to see pictures before looking at a property in person, and if they want your photos, they will surely make an appointment with you.

LANDLORD CHECKLIST:- Some tips which can help you find a tenant for your Rental

1. Encourage Word of Mouth Referrals

It’s a smart idea to spread the word of your property to friends, family, colleagues as well as extended friend circles. You can even sweeten the deal by offering a $100 reward to the source of the referral once the lease is signed.

2. Offer something extra with your Rental

You need to differentiate yourself from other rentals available in the market. So to provide a deal or discount that will be too good to pass up.

3. Advertise the Amenities

If your property is full of features, the market needs to know about it. Whether your rental has a pool, a backyard, power backup, or it is newly updated, be sure to include that high-point in your listing.
Basically, focusing on amenities of your rental could be the defining point between you and the property down the street.

4. Make sure your Property is Visible to everyone

One of the basic rule to get quick renters is making your home visible to the public so that it cancan attention to the renters. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to plan an open house of tours.
You can host a social event at your property, to increase your chances of getting renter as soon as possible.

5. Create a Video

When considering a property, potential tenants love to see media such as photos, videos. Adding videos to your listing undoubtedly makes your post more appealing; however, it will save time on showings.
Simply create a short, well-made video of your property which can influence people and can save the time of your renter.
Making a video can grab a lot of attention to the tenants and thus increases your social media profile.

The Conclusion

So, that’s how you can advertise your rental property. If you are looking for 2 BHK flat in Mumbai,, either check them on the websites like Nobroker and many more. Now, here we have listed all the ways that can help you make your property visible to the tenants.

If you have 2 BHK flats in Mumbai, then you can list them on Nobroker website and get a tenant as soon as possible. Tell us about your experience in the comment section! Also, if you have any queries or suggestions then do let us know in the comment section, we’ll be happy to assist you!

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